Pikmin 4 Primordial - riding the mount

Primordial Thicket Pikmin 4 – how to get gold bar

There is the final area in the fourth chapter of the Pikmin saga. It holds a valuable treasure known as the Gold Bar. Obtaining this precious item requires careful planning and strategy. In this guide, we will provide you with the necessary steps to conquer Pikmin 4 Primordial Thicket. Time to acquire that Gold Bar.

Before venturing into the Primordial Thicket, you must first activate a bridge. This bridge is essential for accessing the location where the Gold Bar is located. 

Read to find out how to get Gold in the Pikmin 4 Primordial Thicket and profit.

How to get the Gold Bar in Primordial Thicket

To obtain the Gold Bar in the Primordial Thicket, you need to collect a total of 100 Purple Pikmin. These unique creatures possess incredible strength and are crucial for retrieving the Gold Bar. To do so, head to the Engulfed Castle, located in the Serene Shores area. This is the third area in Pikmin 4 and serves as the starting point for obtaining the Purple Pikmin.

Upon reaching the Engulfed Castle, you need to locate Sub Level 5. This sublevel contains the necessary resources to obtain the Purple Pikmin. Within Sub Level 5, you will come across two Candy Pops on each side. Throw five Blue Pikmin into each of the Candy Pops. This action will cause the Candy Pops to produce sprouts, which can be transformed into Purple Pikmin. Additionally, you will find three eggs on the extreme left. Break these eggs to acquire Sap, which is required later on.

Take the ten Purple Pikmin sprouts and throw them into the Sap obtained from the eggs. It will result in the transformation of the sprouts into fully-grown Purple Pikmin flowers. Repeat this process by returning to the Surface and re-entering Sub Level 5 until you have gathered 100 Purple Pikmin.

Now that you have gathered the required number of Purple Pikmin, head to the Primordial Thicket and release all 100 Purple Pikmin onto the Gold Bar. These Pikmin will work together to carry the Gold Bar back to you. Once the Purple Pikmin have successfully retrieved the Gold Bar, you can claim it as your own. 

Congratulations are in order. You have obtained the valuable Gold Bar in Primordial Thicket, the final area of the game.

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