Empire vs League decision guide in Dark Envoy - empire recruiter (left) vs legion recruiter (right).

Dark Envoy Empire vs League – which one to choose?

Are you stuck in the Empire vs League decision in Dark Envoy? Let’s go through which one to choose based on the rewards given. After traveling to the Free City of Phoenicia and following the main story, you will interact with both the Empire and the League Recruiters. Eventually, you will need to decide between the two, as they are opposing forces and you can’t serve both. In this decision guide, we’ll examine the most important story choice in the game and provide some tips on which one to choose.

Empire vs League Decision Guide in Dark Envoy

Empire vs League choice in Dark Envoy - Interacting with the League recruiter.

Overall, the choice you make will affect the progression and eventually the ending of the game. Thus, it’s important to read the storylines of the two factions and decide your favorite based on which one you agree with the most.

While the Empire vs League decision in Dark Envoy is mostly subjective, there is one thing that makes the League the better choice.

Specifically, there is one important gameplay element that can help you decide more easily and that’s that each faction allows you to unlock one specific character.

If you follow the League path, you’ll unlock Kim, the Summoner while the Empire Path will unlock Tet the Sharpshooter. The Sharpshooter can deal high damage but lacks mobility, so I highly recommend against it. Even in the best Ranger build in Dark Envoy, the Gunslinger is the best specialization option with the Bounty Hunter coming close second.

Instead, the Summoner will offer some much-needed utility to the team while also including a more fun playstyle.

To summarize this Dark Envoy Empire vs League choice guide, I recommend choosing the League path as it allows you to unlock Kim and the League story characters are more fun overall. However, you can choose the Empire and go for Tet if you prefer an immobile DPS character.

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