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How to get the true ending in Pikmin 4 explained

Pikmin 4, the latest installment in the beloved Nintendo series, has arrived, much to the delight of fans. The game introduces a host of new features and an extended duration to keep players engaged. One of the most exciting aspects of Pikmin 4 is the hidden ending. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to get the Pikmin 4 true ending, what is it all about?

The true ending can only be unlocked by completing certain tasks and reaching specific milestones. But it will definitely be worth it, especially for all the fans of the series out there. And we know there are many of them.

But, of course, as with many other games’ true endings, this is all about persevering and finding the right solutions. Many challenges await you, player, beware. Well, if you still want to get the Pikmin 4 true ending, read on.

How to get the true ending in Pikmin 4

To embark on the quest for the true ending in Pikmin 4, you must first complete the main story mode. After the credits roll, you will find yourself in the post-game phase, where you’ll need to prove your prowess by clearing the Leafy Showdown.

With the Leafy Showdown behind you, it’s time to focus on accumulating Sparklium. You’ll need to gather a total of 11,000 Sparklium to gain access to a new area known as Giant’s Hearth. As you continue your exploration of Giant’s Hearth, you’ll eventually uncover a hidden passage leading to the true final area of Pikmin 4: the Primordial Thicket

In the Primordial Thicket, you will come across a quest called “Cure Oatchi.” Completing this quest is crucial to advancing the story and unlocking the true ending. Along your journey, you’ll also encounter Castaways, who can provide valuable assistance, and treasures that can enhance your Pikmin’s abilities.

As you delve deeper into the Primordial Thicket, you’ll eventually face the ultimate challenge: a battle against Louie and the Ancient Sirehound. Only by emerging victorious in this epic battle can you uncover the true ending. That’s all you have to do, but we are sure the satisfaction alone will be a great reward for reaching this difficult objective.

That’s how you can get the true ending in this great game by Nintendo. Check out our other Pikmin guides, such as Pikmin 4 post-game content and Pikmin 4 Trial of the Sage Leaf – how to complete it