Coral Island Giant village - how to unlock Characters standing on a beach

Coral Island Giant Village – how to unlock

Coral Island is slowly becoming a great alternative for people who have burned themselves out playing Stardew Valley and now want to take a break and play something else with a similar vibe. However, as players explore this game’s mythical world to their heart’s content, they may encounter a barrier to a particular area and may wonder to themselves how to unlock Giant Village in Coral Island? Let’s find out.

Giant Village sounds as exciting as it is, but entry to this mesmerizing place might not be available for many players. This becomes a strange hindrance in the player’s overall experience of this game and can even be frustrating.

So, to give those players a solution, this article will tackle the question of how to unlock Giant Village in Coral Island and provide you with a satisfying answer.

Coral Island Giant village - how to unlock Characters standing in a Cavern

Giant Village in Coral Island explained

You can unlock the Giant Village in Coral Island by completing the Petrified Giant I quest. In order to get that quest, first you have to complete the Mythical Dream quest, and then you need to visit the Lake Temple at least once.

Then the next day, go to the Cavern, there you will meet the Chieftain. They will explain to you that there are three Giant statues at the entrance to the Cavern. One of them, the Fire Giant Statue, is mysteriously missing. What happened?

Now, you just need to accept the Petrified Giant I quest which will be given to you by the Chieftain. But that’s not all. After that, you will need to go the Level 40 of the Earth Shaft and free the Earth Giant. Once this is done, travel back to the Cavern entrance. There you will meet with the freed Earth Giant and the Chieftain.

They will leave for the Giant Village, leaving you behind. But do not worry, that’s normal. Wait for them for one day and you will receive a letter of invitation to the Giant Village. You can start traveling towards the village. Just go west from your farm and then traverse through the fallen moss-covered tree. Finally, you will reach the entrance to the Giant Village, which will be unlocked.

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