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Ravenlok Dragon’s Bribe quest – how to solve it

Those pesky dragons are never happy, are they? They always want more and more, only to give you, in exchange, the privilege of not attacking you. But yes, if you’re having trouble tracking down the needed items for the Ravenlok Dragon’s Bribe quest, we are here to help.

This quest comes right after the runestone temple, so you need to first complete that one, then you can get on trying to appease the dragon. It’s not as simple as it might sound either, so that’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help ease your struggles.

But where to find the items, we hear you ask? Let’s take a look and solve the Ravenlok Dragon’s Bribe quest. Read on below to find out all the steps you need to take.

How to solve the Ravenlok Dragon’s Bribe quest

First of all, the quest needs you to find two items, the first of which is a crane’s feather. This is easy, the feather will be given to you by the crane once you help the sleeping goddess, after the runestone temple (which basically is about entering the temple and going back to the statue).

Once you have the feather, go back to Doryu the Dragon to have your second quest. Now the item is a rare jewelled egg. To find it, you need to solve the quarrel between the Cockatrice and Helios the Golden. They have been fighting because the crab has been hogging the spot and blinding the poor cockatrice.

Go talk to Helios, but it will be soon clear that it doesn’t want to move. So slash it a couple of times, to rile him up and begin quite a long drawn-out boss fight.

It is not difficult but you better be ready with some potions as it will go on for three different stages. Once you’ve finished and Helios is defeated, the Cockatrice will give you the egg you need.

The Dragon’s third trial is just a quick fight with a few goons, if you made quick work of Helios this should be quite easier. Defeat them and the quest is done. Should you need more help with Ravenlok, check out our awaken the spirits guide.

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