Ravenlok runestone puzzle getting sword

Ravenlok runestone puzzle – how to solve it

Let’s go see the Queen, the wonderful Queen of Hearts. No wait, that was not how the song went… Ok, enough jokes about the Wizard of Oz, cause in the latest Cococumber title it will be all about that Alice in Wonderland vibe. But have you been able to enter the temple or are you stuck? This guide is here to help you find out how to solve the Ravenlok runestone puzzle in the fantasy game.

This is one of the few actual puzzles in the game that require you to look around for clues, while most of the other quests are all about collecting items or defeating enemies. So it’s not as straightforward as it could be and you’ll probably need help.

So, let’s use those clues and solve the Ravenlok runestone puzzle. Read on below to find out everything you need to complete the quest.

Ravenlok bosses guide running towards queen

Ravenlok runestone puzzle – how to solve it

Basically, you need to input four runes in the correct order by pressing them on the statues. The correct order is Courage, Strength, Love, and Grace.

Before you can go input the runes, though, you have to find them. This is easy: look around the temple. They will be on several pillars surrounded by columns, and you should spot them easily. The game will just tell you what each of them represents, so no need to write them down.

The correct order can be figured out by looking at the clues which you can find around, especially a note on the bottom right pillar which says:

  • Strength beside Courage
  • Love after Courage
  • Courage before Strength
  • Grace after Love

By putting all these four clues together, you come to the realization that Grace comes last, after Love which is right in that third place. Then it says Strength beside Courage, so Strength must go in second place, and finally, Courage comes first.

It is not a difficult puzzle, but it does require the player to do a little bit of thinking and figuring things out as opposed to the Frog puzzle which is just “yes” or “no” questions and can be figured out just by doing a bit of trial and error even if you don’t want to look up the right answers.

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