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Ravenlok figurines – where to find all of them

There’s nothing better than collectables, right? Well, when they are easy to find and cheap to buy sure, otherwise they are a pain in the neck! Luckily, sometimes one gets help. We are here to help you get all eighteen Ravenlok figurines that are hidden throughout the game.

These are one of the main collectables in the game which also give you access to a special final achievement, so you’ll want to spend the time finding them on your playthrough of the Cococucumber game if you’re a completionist.

So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get those Ravenlok figurines. Read on below to find out everything you need to know.

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Ravenlok figurines – locations for the figurines

Here are the locations for all of the figurines:

  • Figurine 1 – in the patio, north of the starting point
  • Figurine 2 – in the tramway, near the big cat
  • Figurine 3 – in the witch’s hut on the top floor
  • Figurine 4 – in the main hub outside the witch’s hut, next to the main figurine who you will be bringing them back to
  • Figurine 5 – back in the corridor leading to the first transportation mirror
  • Figurine 6 – found where all the deers are, right after defeating the Weeping fungi
  • Figurine 7 – in the tea party, right inside a teacup to the south of the mirror
  • Figurine 8 – in the Hydra’s Nest, to the right of the beast
  • Figurine 9 – in the Mask Mansion, first staircase to the right, go back
  • Figurine 10 – still inside the Mask Mansion, in the workshop right before the Twins boss, on the right
  • Figurine 11 – go to the Theatre storage room, go up to the second floor and look on the left
  • Figurine 12 – one floor up from the 11th, dangling from a rope, left of the rocketship
  • Figurine 13 – in the Lily Pond, up the statue
  • Figurine 14 – still in the Pond, go next to the dark cave’s entrance, figurine is on the right
  • Figurine 15 – go to Mirror Plaza, figurine is in the final part of the labyrinth before the cracked mirror
  • Figurine 16 – right before the greenhouse, next to the owl statue
  • Figurine 17 – inside the greenhouse, go straight, climb the ladder and on the left
  • Figurine 18 – inside the queen’s garden, just before entering the castle’s door, on the left

Remember that you have to dance to unlock them. That’s all you needed to know. If you’re stuck, try our Ravenlok greenhouse puzzle guide and Ravenlok statues.

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