Remnant 2 Forbidden Grove Water Harp puzzle - Engaging in a boss fight

Remnant 2 Forbidden Grove Water Harp Puzzle – how to solve

The Forbidden Grove in Yaesha is home to the formidable world boss, the Corrupted Ravager. To reach this boss and progress in the game, players must solve the Water Harp puzzle. The Water Harp is an elaborate musical instrument that controls the bridge leading to the boss’s lair. In this guide, we will provide a step-by-step solution to the Remnant 2 Forbidden Grove Water Harp puzzle and help you proceed on your quest.

The Water Harp puzzle is an intricate challenge located in the Forbidden Grove of Yaesha. According to the game’s lore, the Pan constructed this massive musical engineering marvel to calm the Ravager and halt its destructive rampage. The puzzle involves a mechanical music box with pegs that need to be raised in specific positions to match the notes of the song played by the nearby Flautist.

So, without any further delay, let’s find the solution to the Remnant 2 Forbidden Grove Water Harp puzzle.

How to solve the Forbidden Grove Water Harp puzzle in Remnant 2

To solve the Water Harp puzzle, you can either decipher the musical notes yourself or find the musical notation in the nearby journal. The journal can be found on a stone altar close to the puzzle checkpoint. It contains the musical notation that corresponds to the peg positions on the music box.

Once you have the musical notation, you can proceed to solve the Water Harp puzzle by adjusting the pegs on the mechanical music box. Here is the correct arrangement for each row:

  • First row: Fifth peg
  • Second row: Skip
  • Third row: Fourth peg
  • Fourth row: Skip
  • Fifth row: Third peg
  • Sixth row: Fourth peg
  • Seventh row: First peg
  • Eighth row: Skip

Arrange the pegs according to these positions, ensuring that each row has the correct number of active pegs. After adjusting the pegs, pull the lever to the left of the dial to lift it into position. If you have matched the harp’s tune to that of the Flautist, the bridge will raise, granting you access to the boss’s lair.

That’s all you need to solve this puzzle in this great game by Gunfire Games. If you find this guide helpful, check out our other guides, such as How to Unlock Ford’s Chest in Remnant 2 and Remnant 2 best engineer build guide.