Factorio best solar power setup blueprint

Factorio solar panel setup – what is the best ratio?

Are you still playing Factorio? Oh no judgement on our part, we sure are, there are loads of different things that one can try in the game, along with conditions and consequences for each run. But the first thing to run your factory efficiently is always energy. So what is the best Factorio solar panel setup? Let us try and answer the question.

Clearly, solar energy is the best kind you want to use in the game (and well, in real life it also works pretty okay!), but you’d want to save it for the latter moments of your run. Once you have an efficient production stage, then you slowly want to approach a good solar panel setup.

Once you reckon that is time to establish efficient solar energy production as your main goal, then let us find out the best Factorio solar panel setup so you never have to worry about smooching things together again.

The best Factorio solar panel setup

What you want is to try to approach a ratio of 0.8/0.9 in your blueprint design. This means that, keeping in mind that an optimal ratio of accumulators to solar panels is approximately 0.84, something that approaches an ideal setup would be 21 accumulators to 25 solar panels.

Clearly, that is not an overall perfect number. Your objective should not be to try and replicate that number to a T, the 0.84 that we indicated above is only the best ratio one could get. Clearly, the more you approximate that number and ratio, the best efficiency you’re getting out of your solar panel setup.

We hope this guide was useful in getting you to better use the great power of the sun to get your factory up and running. Otherwise, we have some great starting tips for those who are just now getting to Factorio or, even better, a nuclear power ratio guide.