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Factorio nuclear ratio – what’s the best nuclear ratio?

Everyone who has played the sleeper hit Factorio, knows that having a reliable, cost-effective source of power is one of the most important things in the game. And well, nuclear power is probably one of the best choices, at least when approaching mid-game and going towards the end. So, what is the best Factorio nuclear ratio? Let’s find out.

Clearly, nuclear power is quite more difficult to get up and running, requiring research and appropriate places to use it, especially compared to solar or wind power. So we’ll have to start gathering uranium, and then process it in order to arrive at the creation of uranium fuel cells which can then e burned into the reactor to generate power.

We know all the required steps, let’s find out what’s the best Factorio nuclear ratio to use your nuclear power for the ultimate optimization. What are you still doing here? Get reading. Sheesh.

Factorio nuclear ratio – what’s the best nuclear ratio?

You’ll require one U-235 cell and 19 U-238 to generate 10 fuel cells. Considering it is possible to reprocess 10 used-up uranium fuel cells to get 6 U-238, this leads to a ratio of 13 U-238 to 1 U-235.

Also, you might want to remember that nuclear reactors receive a 100% bonus in generating power when placed next to other reactors, so you might ideally want to group them together. Overall a completely optimized setup to generate nuclear power is having 292 nuclear reactors, 400 offshore pumps, 4656 heat exchangers and 8000 steam turbines.

I know that sounds like a lot of work and research, but it’s just a general number to keep in mind that you want to strive for, not an end goal by any means.

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