The Bookwalker chapter five walkthrough character with timeless mansion

The Bookwalker chapter five walkthrough – solve all puzzles

Lost your way in the mansion lost in time? In the latest title by TinyBuild we’ll be exploring many different books with strange and interesting characters, solving puzzle and fighting creatures. But, if you are stuck then it is definitely no fun, here comes our The Bookwalker chapter five walkthrough and individual puzzles guide.

The timeless mansion is probably one of the shortest books that we’ll explore, but that doesnt’ mean that it gets any easier.

So, if you are here, then we are here for you to help, read on our The Bookwalker chapter five walkthrough and solve book five.

How to repair the staircase

So, while we explore the mansion and get the shocking revelation, you’ll notice that outside there is a dripping pipe. Right now we can’t do anything, we have to go back in time to fix it. Indeed, you’ll find a big clock in the main room in the house and it will let you go back to 1995.

Go back to the pipe and just use ink to fix it. Before going back to 2000, check with the woman hiding outside the libraries in the first floor. She will tell you about a false drawer in the desk.

Where is the first gear

First you’ll have to go to the year 2000, you’ll see that now the staircase is fixed. Go up and right towards the study. Look at the desk and examine the secret compartment. You will find a gear. Go back to the big clock, but get ready for a fight against the police first, shouldn’t be too difficult.

Now, it is time to find the second gear so we can proceed.

Where is the second gear

Now go to 1990, and go towards the kitchen. You will notice a secret passage on the floor, now that you know you can go back to 1995 and use it. Examine the painting and lift it. Behind the painting, the child will tell you about another false bottom drawer in the desk, where the second gear will be.

Go back to 1990, go up, fix the gap in the corridor and go examine the desk. You’ll have to examine it twice, more closely the second time and you will find the second gear you need. Go to 2000 to insert it in the big clock.

You will be attacked by the protagonist of the book, so get ready to use the shield and try to render him useless with the stun ability. Of course, be sure to get as many health restoring items and tools around before going on to fight him.

After the fight, insert the gear without looking at the clock, he will dissolve into ashes and leave you enough time to get the clock and get back to reality.

That’s all you need for the Bookwalker chapter two walkthrough. Check back for more information, such as the chapter one walkthrough and our review.