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The Bookwalker chapter one walkthrough – how to solve all puzzles

Who said that having your nose stuck in books would be as bad as that? In the latest title by TinyBuild we’ll be exploring many different books, solving puzzles and getting in fights. But sometimes we need a little guide to understand where we are and where we’ll go, so here comes our The Bookwalker chapter one walkthrough and specific puzzles guide.

The game divides each level in a different book, and each one will have different puzzles, enemies and a whole set of different substories.

But if you are stuck then you definitely need a The Bookwalker chapter one walkthrough, read on to find out.

How to escape from the cell

We start the first book trapped in a cell. But it is easy to get out, as the game itself will tell you, after examining the door, that you have a lockpick in your real life apartment that can open the door. Click “wake up”, and go back to reality, the lockpick will be on a chair, go back and open the cell’s door.

After that, explore around a bit and find our microphone companion, Roderick. If you picked up the prisoner’s helmet in the first cell, you can use it in the second cell to get some useful items like an apple and an empty bottle, which can be filled with ink by melting junk.

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In the third cell, you will find a wall that needs to be smashed down, time to go back to reality again.

Where to find green salt

First thing, we need a sledgehammer. Your neighbor has one, so wake up and go ask him. It will take some convincing but he will give you the sledgehammer. Then you can go back and smash down the wall, behind it you will find some green salt.

We will use that in a bit. Exit the cell block and face the first fight against the spider, this should be quick, just keep slashing at it. Continue past the door at the end, in the testing room, you can talk to the test subject but the important thing is picking up the blue salt, on the table.

Now it is time to get a crowbar.

Where to find a crowbar

Unfortunately, there is no crowbar around, we’ll have to craft one. In order to do so, we’ll need five crowbar parts and one tool set. You should find most of these items lying around in the cells and desks, probably at this point you already have most of them.

Now, we need to use the crafting table that is located on the floor below the three cells, just use the ladder to get there. Now, use the crafting table to get together the five crowbar parts and the tool set and voila, a brand new crowbar.

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If you want, you can also craft a bottle of ink but it’s not mandatory. By going through the door next to the desk and then down the hatch of the boiler room, you will find a room with a grate. That’s where the third component is, you can use ink to get it out. It hurts a bit but it’ll pass.

Finally, we need to get the key that you’ve seen hanging on a grate. It’ll take a few tries but we can get it, the key opens the big door we’ve passed, next to the three jail cells. Once inside, break the wall with the sledgehammer. In the assembly room, you’ll find a metal door that doesn’t seem that can be opened with our tools. We’ll need acid.

How to create acid

To make acid, go to the door on the opposite side of the one we were just in, to find a magical cauldron. But the three ingredients need to be put in a specific order, which is: blue sulfur, green salt and red lead. Once the the three ingredients we’ve collected are in, voilà: acid.

Now go back to the metal door, and use acid. After that, you can explore a little more around but we have to get out, take the car and go after the alchemist. Once you reach him, you can decide if to give him a little potion to make him live, or just leave him to his fate. Up to you, either way that’ll be mission successful.

That’s all for our The Bookwalker Chapter one walkthrough, be sure to also read our review and check out how long to beat.