Tales of Arise Tuna - character standing in front of fishing lake.

Tales of Arise Tuna location – how to get it

Are you trying to find Tuna and cook Sushi in Tales of Arise? Let’s go through everything you need to know to get this elusive fish. Whether you’re looking to make Sushi or simply want to get your hands on this elusive fish, this guide will go through everything you need to know about it. Overall, Tuna can be tricky to find since it only exists in one location. Let’s explain how to find it and how to make sushi.

Tales of Arise Tuna - character fishing in a cave.

How to find Tuna in Tales of Arise

To find and catch Tuna in Tales of Arise, head to the Adan Ruins in Mahag Saar. At the far south side, enter the Hidden Wharf and just north across the bridge you’ll find a pond where you can fish. There, you can catch Tuna. Alternatively, you can also get Tuna as a reward for completing the Kisara Ultimate Solo Battle within five minutes.

Just keep in mind that Sushi can only be caught in the Hidden Wharf location and nowhere else. Now that you’ve managed to catch it, the only way to use it is to make Sushi. Let’s see how to make it.

Tales of Arise Sushi – how to unlock the recipe and make it

To unlock the Sushi recipe in Tales of Arise, complete the Untamable Rage sub-quest. Then, you’ll be able to make Sushi with the following ingredients:

  • 1x Tuna
  • 1x Salmon (Fish in Cyslodia – Rudhir Forest)
  • 1x Sea Bream (Fish at the Ocean in Ganath Haros – Thistlym)
  • 3x Rice (Buy from Inn Keeper in Mahar Saar – Niez)

Sushi will grant the EXP Boost L effect (16% more EXP from battle) for 5 minutes. Additionally, if cooked by Kisara, you will increase its Cooking Effect Duration by 20%. If cooked by Dohalim, you will increase the cooking effect by 30%.

To wrap this up, you can get Tuna in Tales of Arise by fishing in the Hidden Wharf in Mahag Saar. Once you get it, you can use Tuna only to make Sushi. Simply combine it with one Salmon, one Sea Bream, and three servings of Rice, and you’re done! Sushi will increase your battle EXP by 16% for five minutes, which is a great buff if you want to level up fast. Before leaving, if you’re looking for more rare materials, consider also checking out our guides on where to find boss fish and Earth Seeds in Tales of Arise.

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