Tales of Arise fishing - character fishing with the farmer outfit.

Tales of Arise fishing – all fish and where to find them

This Tales of Arise fishing guide will go through everything you need to know about fishing locations, lures, and types of fish you can get. Fishing is a great way to get cooking ingredients or sell what you catch for some extra money. Overall it’s a simple and fun activity. As you progress and unlock new fishing spots, it’s worth checking if there are new types of fish there. Let’s explain everything you need to know about fishing.

Tales of Arise fishing - character catching a Menancian Catfish.

How to fish in Tales of Arise

You will unlock fishing after departing from Menancia while progressing the main story. To fish in Tales of Arise, follow these steps:

  1. Cast your line in a location where the circle is golden. This involves locations with bubbles or places where fish previously jumped out of the water.
  2. After a fish bites, press the X button to reel it in, and R2 to move to the minigame
  3. Check the fishing rod icon above the green/red bar below. Whenever it has arrows pointing to the left, drag your analog stick to the left. Similarly, if arrows are pointing to the right, drag it to the right.
  4. During this process, the fish may stack behaving more aggressively and you’ll need to be ready to press R1/L1/R2. The button will show up on your screen but to make it easier, if it dodges quickly to the left press L1, if it’s to the right press R1, and if it jumps out of the water, R2.
  5. And that’s all. Once you deplete the bar above the fish, you will catch it.

However, if you want to catch all the fish, you’ll need to travel to different locations and use varying lures and rods.

All Tales of Arise fishing locations

For the next step in this Tales of Arise fishing guide, we’ll go through all 12 fishing locations in the game and what types of fish you can catch there. Combined with the lures below, you’ll be able to find any fish you want.

  • Cave of Solitude (Calaglia): Cave Sea Bass, Amber Machered, Coral Flatfish, Karasuba Sea Bream, Laccerda Salmon
  • Nevira Snowplains (Cyslodia): Pond Tilapia, Berserker Piranha, Tricolored Catfish, Polar Bass, Nevira Piranha, Armored Sturgeon
  • Frozen Valley (Cyslodia): Hawksbill Trout, Pearly Pike, Polar Bass, Azure Tilapia, Cyslodian Salmon
  • Overseer Hill (Menancia): Pond Tilapia, Berserker Piranha, Hawksbill Trout, Menancian Bass, Traslida Arowana, Golden Catfish
  • Talka Pond Road (Menancia), Dahnan Bass, Pond Tilapia, Hawksbill Trout, Menancian Catfish, Talka Trout
  • Adan Lake (Mahag Saar): Dahnan Bass, Berserker Piranha, Tricolored Catfish, Azure Tilapia, Muddy Piracucu, Aureum Arowana
  • Adan Ruins (Mahag Saar): Hawksbill Trout, Cave Sea Bass, Emerald Salmon, Lesser Pirarucu, Adfotle Arowana
  • Hidden Wharf (Mahag Saar): Vesper Sea Bass, Sardonyx Grouper, Garnet Sea Bream, Blueback Tuna, Magah Saar Barracuda, Silver Marlin
  • Shinefall Woods (Ganath Haros): Dahnan Bass, Ganath Haros Piranha, Tricolored Catfish, Ganath Haros Catfish, Green Pike
  • Lavtu Marshlands (Ganath Haros): Dahnan Bass, Tricolored Catfish, Lavtu Tilapia, Lavtu Arowana, Lesser Pirarucu, Cobalt Trout
  • Fogwharl Limestone Caverns (Ganath Haros): Ganath Haros Piranha, Pearly Pike, Azure Tilapia, Ganath Haros Catfish, Fogwharl Pike, Cygni Pirarucu
  • Uninhabited Island: Vesper Sea Bass, Tsuyukusa Macherel, Mahag Saar Flatfish, Zesti Grouper, Gluttonous Barracuda
Tales of Arise fishing - character talking to the Fishing Expert.

All fishing rods

There are five different rods in Tales of Arise and you unlock them by interacting with the Fishing Master NPC in Talka Pond after catching various unique fish types. Here are all of them:

  • Migal’s Fishing Rod: The default tutorial rod
  • Novice Tackle: Gifted by the Fishing Master after catching ten fish types
  • Fish Sniper: Gifted by the Fishing Master after catching 20 fish types
  • Tenebrae Mk. III: Gifted by the Fishing Master after catching all 44 fish types
  • Alliance Marine Rod: Kisara Solo Battle Ultimate Challenge reward (Lv. 60)

All lures in Tales of Arise

To get new lures and fishing rods, head to the Talka Pond Road location and talk to the Fishing Expert. Based on how many unique types of fish you’ve caught, you’ll get rewards.

LureHow to getAll fish you can catch
DisarmingTremblingAzure Tilapia, Nevira Piranha, Garnet Sea Bream
TrembilingViscint Inn shop (Menancia)Hawksbill Trout, Menancian Bass, Emerald Salmon
CharmingNiez Inn shop (Mahag Saar)Lesser Pirarucu, Muddy Pirarucu, Mahag Saar Flatfish
Rock SlapperPelegion Inn shop (Ganath Haros)Polar Bass, Green Pike, Lavtu Arowana
FlaptrapChest in Adan Lake (Mahag Saar)Berserker Piranha, Amber Mackerel, Tsuyukusa Mackerel
Subsurface MirrageChest in Adan RuinsPond Tilapia, Lacerda Salmon, Sardonyx Grouper
StickChest in Latvu MarshlandsTraslida Arowana, Aqfotle Arowana, Ganath Haros Piranha
BienfuChest in South Hiking Trail (Forland Mountains in Garath Haros)Golden Catfish
Rappig Minnow‘In Sync’ quest reward in Fountain Plaza Avenue (Cysloden)Cobalt Trout
Zapie DoppelgangerChest in Inner Sanctum (Fogwharl Limestone Caverns in Ganath Haros – unlocked after ‘Untamable Rage’ sidequest)Cygni Pirarucu
Celestial WhaleKisara Solo Battle Challenge reward (Lv. 25)Talka Trout, Lavtu Tilapia, Blueback Tuna
Mieu SinkerKisara Solo Battle Advanced Challenge reward (Lv. 40)Armored Sturgeon
Beginner’s PopperFishing Master reward after catching your first fishDahnan Bass
Elegant SwimmerFishing Master reward after catching three different types of fishCoral Flatfish, Gluttonous Barracuda
Portly MudslingerFishing Master reward after catching five different types of fishTricolored Catfish, Fogwharl Pike
Round PopperFishing Master reward after catching 15 different types of fishMenancian Catfish, Ganath Haros Catfish, Zesti Grouper
Marine FloaterFishing Master reward after catching 25 different types of fishCave Sea Bass, Vesper Sea Bass, Karasuba Sea Bream
Uber SpinnerFishing Master reward after catching 30 different types of fishMahag Saar Barracuda, Pearly Pike, Cyslodian Salmon
Teepo LureFishing Master reward after catching 35 different types of fishAureum Arowana
Silver FangFishing Master reward after catching 40 different types of fishSilver Marlin

And that’s all. There are 44 types of fish in the game and catching all of them will award you with every rod and lure available.

To summarize this Tales of Arise fishing guide, you can catch fish by casting your line in any of the 12 locations. The type of fish you’ll catch depends on your rod and lure, as well as the location. With all the information above, you’ll be able to get any fish you want. For a different material guide, here’s where to find Earth Seeds in Tales of Arise.

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