Takes of Arise Rinwell Artes - Rinwell preparing for combat.

Tales of Arise Rinwell Artes – full list and how to unlock them

Are you looking for a list of all Rinwell Artes in Tales of Arise? Let’s go through them and showcase what they do and how to unlock them. Overall, Rinwell is considered one of the strongest characters as her Artes are simply amazing. She can apply buffs to allies, debuffs to enemies, and deal amazing damage. She has six different types of Artes, and each type includes multiple skills. Let’s go through all of them in turn.

Takes of Arise Rinwell Artes - Rinwell using Water Artes during combat.

Rinwell’s Ground Artes in Tales of Arise

Starting with Ground Artes, these are cheap, easy-to-unlock options that will help you in the early game.

ArteEffectAG CostHow to unlock
Galeforce (Air)Deals damage in front of Rinwell1‘Pursuing Zephyr’ Main Quest
Photon Flash (Light)Shoots exploding photon bullets1
Aqueous Surge (Water)Summons 3 orbs around Rinwell that explode on impact1Make Ice Cream with Rinwell at a Campfire
Lightning Orb (Light)Shoots four exploding orbs1Reach Light Strike proficiency 150
Thunder Field (Light)Summons a wall of lightning around Rinwell2Reach Light Strike proficiency 610
Tempest Whirl (Wind)Jumps and fires a cyclone2Reach Wind Strike proficiency 150
Hydration Orb (Water)Shoots a large water orb at an enemy2Reach Water Strike proficiency 150

Rinwell’s Aerial Artes

Aerial Artes are slightly more advanced than Ground ones but are also early-game options.

ArteEffectAG CostHow to unlock
Electric Discharge (Light)Fires an lectric attack1Reach Light Strike proficiency 1,200
Razor Cyclone (Wind)Shoots wind1Reach Wind Strike proficiency 500
Swallow’s Flight (Wind)Cross-strike attack with her blades1Use a Boost Attack to prevent an enemy from using Artes six times
Celestial Hammer (Light)Sends rays of light to the ground2‘Bibliophile’ Side Quest
Placid Pool (Water)Jumps and dives dealing AoE damage2‘Pursuing Zephyr’ Main Quest
Subzero Confinement (Water)Freezes an enemy and breaks the ice2Reach Light Strike proficiency 1,200
Takes of Arise Rinwell Artes - Rinwell character portait.

Rinwell’s Spell Artes

Spell Artes are the bread-and-butter of Rinwell’s best build. There is a wide variety of them and some can deal phenomenal damage if you can trigger them during combat.

ArteEffectAG CostHow to unlock
Air Thrust (Wind)Fires gusts of wind2
Spread (Water)Sprews water from the ground2
Thunder Blade (Light)Shoots a bolt of lightning2‘Pursuing Zephyr’ Main Quest
Cross Blade (Wind)Slashes the air3‘An Unsightly Tower’ Main Quest
Freeze Lancer (Water)Fires multiple ice lances3‘Bibliophile’ Side Quest
Holy Lance (Light)Fires a light lance3‘The Witch’s Keep’ Main Quest
Maelstrom (Water)Summons a maelstrom – triggered by charging Spread and casting Cross Blade or vice versa.3
Cyclone (Wind)Summons four Tornadoes4‘Seaside Tornadoes’ Side Quest
Divine Saber (Light)Aoe Light damage4‘Master of Nature’ Side Quest
Meteor StormCauses a meteor storm – triggered by charging Burning Strike and casting Divine Saber or vice versa.4
Shooting Star (Light)Shoots a star at an enemy – triggered by charging Freeze Lance and casting Holy Lance or vice versa.4
Tidal Wave (Water)Summons a giant wave4‘Untamable Rage’ Side Quest

Rinwell’s Support & Mystic Artes in Tales of Arise

Mystic Artes are always satisfying to use, especially if you can unlock Aquarius Damnation. Support Artes are great buffing tools to strengthen one or all your allies.

ArteEffectAG CostHow to unlock
Beatific Deus RoarTraps a foe in a cyclone and attacks with light rays – Triggered by holding 2 Artes buttons while Over Limit.
Aquarius Damnation (Water)Cause a thunder maelstrom – Triggered by executing five different Artes and holding two Artes buttons while Over Limit.Max bond level with Rinwell
ConcentrateRaises an ally’s Penetration by 30% temporarily1‘The Owl Forest’ Sub Quest
SharpnessRaises an ally’s Elemental Attack by 30% temporarily1Collect 15% of all items
Takes of Arise Rinwell Artes - Rinwell disappointed after dialogue.

Rinwell’s DLC Artes

Lastly, DLC Artes are an option addition if you decide to get the outfit DLCs but aren’t necessary to have.

ArteEffectAG CostHow to unlock
Arrow Squall (Water)Shoots streams of water3DLC
Gusty Nail (Wind)Summons a strong wind to damage enemies3DLC
Divine Streak (Light)Summons a large light beam to deal continuous damage4DLC

In conclusion, these are all Rinwell Artes in Tales of Arise. Now you know what each Arte does, its AG cost, and how to unlock it. Overall, Rinwell is one of the strongest characters in the game. She manages to stand out due to her Artes and their exceptional damage. For more similar content, here’s our Tales of Arise fishing guide and where to find Earth Seeds in ToA.

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