Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn bosses - final boss area.

Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn bosses – location & how to beat

Are you looking for a list of all bosses in Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn? Here are all of them, their locations, and how to beat them. The new DLC is finally here in ToA and other than story and items, it also includes more than 15 new bosses. With some of them being optional, it’s easy to miss them. Thankfully, this guide will go through all bosses while also showcasing their locations and some tips to beat them easily.

Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn Bosses - party preparing for the final boss fight.

All bosses in Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn

There are 20 new bosses in Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn and in this list, we’ll go through all of them in turn. Here are all ToA bosses, where to find them, and how to take them down.

Mausoleum Beasts

Found in the Lower Convection Control Layer – Mausoleum of the Ruins: Helgal Ryugola 238, this fight includes four enemies:

  • Lv. 67 Iminous Earthen Mass
  • Lv. 68. Sweeper Ape
  • Lv. 67. Bandit Shellshocker
  • Lv. 68 Destructive Boar

This battle has reinforcements, so you’ll need to be extra careful. Focus on the Iminous Earthen Mass first, the Sweeper Ape second, and then the Destructive Boar. Leave the Bandit Shellshocker for last. As long as you take them down one by one (instead of focusing on all of them), you’ll be able to stay in control of this fight.

Nimus Pandemonium

The Nimus Pandemonium is located later on in the Mausoleum in Helgal Ryugola 238. The best tips here involve avoiding its jump attacks, having one dedicated healer in your party (ideally Shionne or Dohalim), and using Alphen’s spammable Artes to deal consistent damage.


Venoflage can be found on the Traslida Highway and its weak spot is below its tail. Focus on attacking there with your highest-damage attacks and Arts and you’ll win this fight easily.

Catacomb Stormbringer

The Catacomb Strombringer can be found in the snow Biome, alongside two Lv. 76 Manhunt Hawks. To beat it, focus on spreading your characters since it has high AoE damage, and take down the two Hawks before you focus on the boss.


For this fight, speak to the NPC Lagill near the Training Grounds and you’ll be able to fight him. He is fairly slow, so focus on dodging his attacks and attacking while he’s still recovering.


Megawrecker is an optional boss found in Mausoleum of the Jungle: Helgal-Ryugola 6. To beat this boss, focus on dodging and that’s all. It has few attack patterns and slow attacks but a lot of HP. As long as you understand its attack patterns and are patient enough, you’ll be it easily.

Ghoulish Arms

Ghoulish Arms is located in the Lower Central Stabilization Layer of Helgal-Ryugola 67. Focus on having a dedicated healer and upgrade your gear and this fight will be fairly easy. Its only issue is the extremely high HP of the boss.


Nazamil can be found in Helgal-Ryugola 67. If you want to take her down, you must learn to dodge her Elemental Barrage Attack and utilize Rinwell’s Artes in Tales of Arise. Use Alphen in front as her attacks deal mostly magic damage and try to survive until a cutscene occurs that ends the fight (you don’t need to beat her).

Nazamil Nether

Your next encounter with Nazamil will be in the Keystone: Flame Palace. The same strategy applies here as in the previous fight. Also, you can use Shionne’s and Kisara’s Boost attacks to interrupt Nazamil’s attacks.

Ooze Hive

The Ooze Hive can be found in the Keystone: Youthful Floor: Sloped Corridor area and its main weakness is Fire. Aim at its weakpoint with fire attacks and remember to use Rinwelll to cancel its spell.

Nazamil Nether v2

You’ll meet Nazamil again at the Keystone: Whirlpool Palace and for this fight, you must focus on Ghoulish Arms first. Again, Rinwell and Alphen are going to be your best options for this fight.

Nazamil Nether v3 (Final)

One of the hardest bosses in Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn is Nazamil Nether v3. For the last fight with Nazamil Nether, head to the Keystone: Stone Palace and again, take down Ghoulist Arms and Megawrecker first (refer to previous sections on tips for these bosses). Rinwell and Alphen are must-haves one more time.


You can find Maxidillo in the Iglia Wastes. This is a simple fight where as long as your characters are strong enough, you’ll win easily.

Nightmare Vholran

Nightmare Vholran can be encountered after resting in your dream. It’s a super boss. To defeat him, focus on dodging his attacks, use Artes to stagger him, and make sure you have enough healing items in stock. During his AoE attacks, dodge away and keep dodging.

Masher Desperado & Villain

Masher Desperado and Villain can be found in Iglia Wastes while looking for the giant zeugle, after defeating the group of enemies including a Rampage Wolf, a Rokmadillo, and two Blast Bees.

To defeat these enemies, spread out your allies to avoid taking AoE damage and focus on the Masher Villain first. Desperado is a slow enemy so focus on dodging and you’ll beat it easily.

Kirito and Asuna

Kirito and Asuna can be fought in the Training Grounds (Elite Swordsman Trainee) and the best way to beat them is by keeping them close and using AoE damage attacks and Artes. If you have to choose one, focus on Kirito first since he’s the main threat. If your characters are maxed and you master dodging while having enough heals, you’ll win this fight.

Sword Ranker

The Sword Ranker is the Ultimate Training Grounds challenge. Position your team all around him and try to attack his back. Dodge and use heals when needed and with proper gear and stats, you’ll beat him easily.

Captive Nazamil

You can find Captive Nazamil in the final area of the story. The fight is similar to Nazamil Nether v3 but she is on her own now. Use Rinwell and Alphen in your team and optionally Kisara and Shionne. Focus on dodging her attacks and staggering Nazamil to win.


The Oppressor is right after Captive Nazamil, so there’s no time to rest! Focus on attacking his 5 weak points (all are near its legs) and use Kisara’s Boost Attack when it’s charging forward to stagger it.

Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn final boss – Emergence Suppressor

The final of Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn bosses is the Emergence Suppressor. Despite being the final fight, other than the fact that you can’t see its HP, it’s fairly easy to beat. Keep attacking it and press the button prompts once they show up and you’ll defeat it easily.

To summarize, these are all the bosses in Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn DLC. Did you manage to defeat all of them? Overall, there’s an extremely wide variety of enemies but most of them don’t have any real gimmicks other than having other enemies next to them or a huge HP bar. If you want to keep reading similar content, here’s our list of all fish in Tales of Arise and where to find them.

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