Lost Ark Gunslinger Build 2023 - the best one Character pointing guns

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build 2023 – the best one

Gunslinger is a great class for players who are looking for high DPS and extreme mobility. This character class is effective for both PvP and PvE battles, so if you want to become strong, you should really try this class out. However, to effectively utilize it, you will need to create an amazing build. So, this article will provide you with the best loadout for the Gunslinger Build in Lost Ark.

Your loadout will generally revolve around the skills and tripods you get for each of your weapon stances. Thus, it becomes important that you choose to level up the right skills.

Keep reading to find out the loadout for the best Gunslinger Buld in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Gunslinger Build 2023 - the best one Character shooting at a lot of monsters

Best loadout for Gunslinger build in Lost Ark

You will mainly level up three combat weapon stances, and to win fights, you have to switch between them. The following are all three of these combat weapon stances and what skills and tripods you need for them:

Pistol Stance 

  • Quick Step: Life Absorption, Rapid Fire, Vital Point Shot
  • Spiral Tracker: Weakness Exposure, Quick Pace, Whirlpool
  • Equilibrium: Weakness Exposure, Enemy Raid, Vital Point Shot
  • Somersault Shot: Ignore Collision, Burn Effect, Super Armor
  • Dexterous Shot: Weakness Exposure, Master of Evasion, Agile Shot
  • Bullet Rain: Vital Point Shot, Rapid Fire, Flame Shot
  • Meteor Stream: Weak Point Detection, Wide Explosion, Bombardment Support
  • Peacekeeper: Excellent Mobility, Cykin CQC, Purification Ceremony

Shotgun Stance

  • Dual Buckshot: In a Tight Spot, Enhanced Fire
  • Sharpshooter: Special Bullet, In a Tight Spot
  • Shotgun Rapid Fire: In a Tight Spot, Enhanced Shot, Special Bullet
  • Last Request: Quick Prep, Execution

Rifle Stance

  • Spiral Flame: Quick Aim, Kill Confirmation
  • Focused Shot: Quick Aim, Enhanced Bullet, Quick Finish
  • Perfect Shot: Stable Stance, Precision Shot, Enhanced Shot


Once you reach level 50, you can apply Engraving to your character. There are two types of Engravings specifically made for the Gunslinger Class: Peacemaker and Time to Hunt. When it comes to choosing the one that is perfect for you, well, it’s up to your own playstyle.

If you like using your shotgun and want to increase your attack speed, then Peacemaker is the ideal option, whereas if you want to increase your Critical rate, and you don’t like using the shotgun very much, then use Time to Hunt.

These are all the skills you will need to make a great Gunslinger Build. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles, such as Lies of P Corrupted Parade Master – how to defeat and Lies of P Julian the Gentleman – solve the quest.