nhl 23 crossplay cross-platform a face off in the game

NHL 23 crossplay – is there cross-platform matchmaking?

It’s that time of the year again when summer is waning (thankfully) and we get the announcement for the latest NHL game. We’re excited for this year’s iteration of the EA franchise, but we can’t help wondering about whether NHL 23 crossplay will actually be a thing this year or not.

Every year, we’re locked away on our respective consoles and only able to matchmake with those who also own PlayStations or Xboxes respectively. This usually means the player base dwindles after a while and makes waiting for games a lengthy experience. That’s why we’re hoping for NHL 23 crossplay features, which would also mean we can play with friends on other platforms too.

Everything we know about cross-platform features will be below, as well as the gameplay trailer for the game.

NHL 23 crossplay

NHL 23 features full crossplay and cross-platform matchmaking. This was announced in the game’s official reveal trailer (which we’ll link below) and is a first for the series. NHL 23 is out on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Crossplay means that players who own the game on any of these platforms can play with friends or enemies on any other console the game is available on.

This also means that when player numbers start to dwindle after spring, we won’t be stuck waiting minutes for a game, only to be paired against some sweaty guy with 10 Wayne Gretsky’s in his team. Well, you get what we mean.

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