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Age of Wonders 4 races and transformations explained

When it comes to 4X games, they put a lot of emphasis on a very specific style of realism and empire building, however, Age of Wonders 4 stands apart from its contemporaries with its enthralling and unique high fantasy setting. This also means there are a lot of customization options that players can choose from and it also starts with understanding Age of Wonders 4 races.

They are building blocks from where players can begin their empire and what type of characters they are going to play as in the game, so knowing what exactly races are in Age of Wonder 4 becomes pretty important.

So, here are all of the important things to know about the Age of Wonder 4 races, who they are and what they do.

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Races in Age of Wonders 4

When you start an empire, you have to choose a single race. As you make further progress in the game you can add other races to your empire as well. The first and foremost thing to do is to choose what type of race you want to play as. This decision will only impact how your characters look physically and not affect the gameplay.

The following is the list of all of the races currently present in the Age of Wonders 4 and their in-game description :

  • Dwarfkin: Stout, hardy and stubborn beings who are used to living in the most rugged regions of their world.
  • Elfkin: Slender, pointy-eared beings whose kin were the first to inhabit the realms.
  • Feline: Cat-like beings who move with feline grace.
  • Goblinoid: Small, hunched beings who love to rampage around in groups. Some are strangely fascinated by sheep.
  • Halfling: Stocky, happy-go-lucky beings who enjoy wild adventures just as much as a well-deserved nap.
  • Human: Humanoid beings who are organized and entrepreneurial, albeit impatient at times.
  • Molekin: Beings who have evolved from underground dwellers and retain their heightened sense of touch.
  • Orcoid: Passionate and strong beings who have faced great prejudice as a result of their kin’s history.
  • Ratkin: Rodent-like beings whose groups are often referred to as mischiefs.
  • Toadkin: Stout amphibian-like beings, born with vocal sacs that allow them to communicate through loud croaking.
  • Lizardfolk: Slender, scaled creatures who use their tongues to get a sense of their surroundings.

Once you choose your preferred race in the game, you can then further customize them as per your need and liking.

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Race traits and transformations

After you select your race, you will see that there are two default Mind and Body trait that comes with your race. They are not permanent and can be changed according to your preferences. This way, Age of Wonders 4 provides you with a lot of customizable options, and you can easily create unique characters.

Each Mind and Body trait comes with its own unique effects, such as +10 Hit Points or +20% Accuracy. Once this is done, you can further personalize your race by changing Society traits and Culture traits, and these two traits will heavily influence your gameplay, so choose wisely.

You can also have a race transformation that can only be done with the help of Keeper, who has to cast the Race Transformation spell. There can only be two types of race transformation, minor or major.

This will additionally provide more effects onto your race, such as adding + 50% Morale from all sources or Immunity to Frozen. All of this is up to you to decide and make sure you choose the traits that suit your playstyle.

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