Killer Frequency all endings

Killer Frequency endings explained and how to get them

Are you ready to dive into the captivating world of Killer Frequency? This thrilling horror game takes you on a wild ride filled with mystery and comedic breaks. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore all the different Killer Frequency endings and how to achieve them. 

Set in the seemingly peaceful town of Gallows Creek, you quickly discover that a serial killer is on the loose. The fate of the potential victims lies in your hands. Can you save them all before it’s too late?

Read on to find out about all the different Killer Frequency endings and how to get them. 

Killer Frequency endings

All Killer Frequency endings and how to get them

Killer Frequency offers players three unique endings that vary based on the choices they make throughout the game. The outcome of the game depends on two main factors: the number of callers you manage to save and your final actions during the interview with the notorious Whistling Man. Let’s dive into each ending and how to unlock them.

The Good Ending

 To achieve the best ending in Killer Frequency, it is important to rescue all callers, including Peggy and Teddy, until the very end. Once everyone’s life is protected, the next step is to get the birthday card from Peggy’s desk during the confrontation with the Whistling Man to safeguard both Forrest and Peggy. Following these steps guarantees a good outcome.

Killer Frequency good ending

The Bad Ending

To obtain a bad ending in the game, it is necessary to allow some of the characters to succumb to death. One way to achieve this is to refrain from picking up the birthday card from Peggy’s desk during the interview with the Whistling Man. As Forrest begins to doubt whether he can prove Peggy’s innocence, it is imperative to take no action and remain stationary. As you do this, Marie will murder Peggy on sight. 

The Worst Ending

 In order to attain this particular ending, it is essential that all callers meet their demise by the end of the night. Throughout the game, selecting all of the incorrect answers is the key to achieving this goal. During the crucial moment of saving Teddy and Peggy from the Whistling Man, failing to locate the birthday card will also result in the unfortunate loss of Forrest’s life.

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