Final Fantasy 16 boss Garuda

Final Fantasy 16 Garuda – how to beat

Final Fantasy 16 is renowned for its stunning gameplay elements, and challenging boss fights. And one of the standout boss battles in the game is against Garuda, the Eikon of the Wind. This guide will help you with the strategies and tactics required to defeat Final Fantasy 16 garuda.

Garuda is a formidable foe that offers a visually stunning encounter that not only tests the player’s skills but also plays a significant role in the game’s narrative. 

If you want to test your skills and defeat Final Fantasy 16 Garuda, read on.

How to defeat Garuda in Final Fantasy 16

In order to defeat garuda, you must use your Eikonic abilities, such as Phoenix and Garuda. The battle against Garuda is divided into two phases, each with its own set of attacks and challenges. In the first phase, garuda primarily utilizes three main attacks: a claw swipe, a kick, and explosive projectiles. Although her telegraphing is significant, she doesn’t leave much room between attacks.

First Phase: Garuda vs Clive

To successfully defeat Garuda in the first phase, it is crucial to time your dodges effectively and utilize your Eikonic abilities wisely. Garuda’s melee attacks are relatively easy to dodge, but be cautious when she mixes in projectiles. Utilize your Eikonic abilities, such as Phoenix and Garuda, to inflict stagger damage from a distance, and conserve your powerful abilities for when they are most effective. 

When Garuda hits the 50% health mark, you get the amazing ability to pin down adversaries by pressing Circle while you’re using Garuda as your Eikon. This chance gives you the perfect opportunity to unleash your powerful attacks. It’s a game-changer, so don’t forget to equip Eikonic abilities that have shorter cooldowns, so you can maximize your damage output.

Second Phase: Garuda vs Ifrit

After successfully defeating Garuda in the first stage, the fight progresses and she will seize Clive, which results in his transformation into Ifrit’s Dominant. This event signifies the commencement of the second phase of the battle, where you will be in control of Ifrit and will have to rely on a limited set of attacks, consisting of a lunge, fireball, and melee swipes.

It’s essential to use your lunge ability frequently in order to close the gap and get within striking distance of Garuda. Even if you miss with some attempts, keep using it until you can land a full combo and finish her off while she’s vulnerable. While Ifrit may appear formidable, success in this fight is primarily dependent on one’s dodge skills. Prioritize avoiding attacks before attempting to strike back with your own high-damage hits.

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