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Soul Stingers Final Fantasy 16 – how to beat

Final Fantasy 16 is an immersive video game that takes players on a thrilling adventure through the captivating world of Valisthea. As players progress through the game, they encounter various challenges and enemies, one of which is the notorious monster known as the Soul Stingers. In this guide, we will explore the location of the Final Fantasy 16 Soul Stingers, provide combat tips, and help players defeat this formidable swarm.

Soul Stingers are a type of C-rank monster that players will encounter in the game. Taking down these beasts is not only valuable and rewarding, but it can also yield players with significant amounts of Gil and Renown.

Read on to know about Final Fantasy 16 soul stingers location and how you can beat them and earn rewards.

Final Fantasy 16 Soul Stingers location

Soul Stingers can be found in the Fields of Corava, located in the Empty Hovel region of the Dhalmekia Republic. In order to reach their location, it is recommended to fast-travel to The Dalimil Inn Obselik and then set out in a southeast direction towards The Fields of Corava. Once there, keep an eye out for these agile flying monsters. For your convenience, we have even included a screenshot below that reveals their precise whereabouts.

How to defeat soul stingers

It is important to use Eikonic Abilities such as Garuda’s Deadly Embrace to defeat them easily in the game. The Soul Stingers possess a group attack, which can be dodged with precise timing. Keep an eye out for their movements and anticipate their attack to avoid taking damage. Instead of rushing into battle, wait for them to initiate their attack before launching your own combo. It will give you an opportunity to strike when they are momentarily vulnerable.

It’s also crucial to prevent yourself from getting surrounded by the swarm of Soul Stingers. Being locked in place due to multiple enemies attacking simultaneously can be detrimental. Maintain your situational awareness and keep all the bugs in your line of sight.

The best way to eliminate these enemies is to focus on taking them down one by one. Utilizing skills such as Garuda’s Deadly Embrace can help you do significant damage and quickly bring down single targets. After successfully taking down a Soul Stinger, use a swift combo of abilities to finish it off quickly. Then, repeat this process for the remaining enemies until the swarm is defeated.

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