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Final Fantasy 16 Fafnir – how to beat

Fafnir is a mandatory boss fight that you will encounter during the “Fanning Embers” main story quest. As Clive, Cid, and Torgal make their way through a treacherous forest, they stumble upon an empty clearing, where they will be attacked by a mighty lizard, Fafnir. However, don’t worry, as this guide will provide you with helpful tips and strategies on how to defeat Final Fantasy 16 Fafnir and proceed further in the quest. 

Fafnir may not be the toughest boss in Final Fantasy 16, but it certainly presents a formidable challenge. This flightless drake may lack the ability to soar through the skies, but it compensates with its sheer power and agility. To emerge victorious in this battle, you’ll need to master your combat skills and employ clever strategies.

Continue reading to learn effective strategies for defeating Final Fantasy 16 Fafnir and obtaining valuable rewards.

How to defeat Fafnir in Final Fantasy 16

To defeat Fafnir, you must dodge attacks and strike impactful blows on its head. That is its main weak point, but that’s not all. Like many other bosses, Fafnir has its own particular weaknesses that can be exploited. In this case, targeting its vulnerable cranium is essential in order to bring the beast down.

However, it is imperative to exercise caution when attempting to land attacks, as Fafnir will not hesitate to unleash powerful head sweeps that can easily knock you off balance. Utilizing a technique such as Precision Dodge will enable you to skillfully evade these devastating attacks while simultaneously maintaining your offensive momentum. 

As Clive, having access to one Eikon, specifically Phoenix, and only being in the early stages of the game, some may underestimate the potential of the Phoenix’s abilities. However, utilizing Phoenix’s Flame abilities throughout the fight against Fafnir can continually decrease its health. It will also build up its stagger bar. It will ultimately lead to ideal opportunities for massive damage, ultimately paving the path to victory.

During the battle, when Fafnir reaches a certain point, he will execute a powerful attack, known as the cannonball dive. This move can cause a considerable amount of damage on impact, so it is imperative to remain vigilant at all times. However, the good news is that the move is quite easy to read and anticipate. It should provide you with enough time to dodge away from the area of impact and remain unharmed. Therefore, it is essential to keep your wits about you and be prompt in your reaction to avoid any harm from this devastating attack.

After a hard-fought battle, you will naturally reap the rewards of your victory. Defeating Fafnir will grant you 30 Experience points, 70 Renown points, 1000 Gil, 40 Wyrrite, and 2 Gnarled scales.

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