A Catalyzing Caper Palia – how to complete the quest Character looking at a giant spherical object

A Catalyzing Caper Palia – how to complete the quest

With the new Palia update, the devs have introduced a brand new quest called A Catalyzing Caper that takes place entirely at the Temple of Flames. In this quest, not only will you be exploring every nook and cranny of this ancient ruin, but you will also learn more about the world of Palia. However, when it comes to the gameplay, it mainly involves solving complicated puzzles that will test your direction, observation, and logical senses. So, to avoid frustration and rage quitting, this article will tell you how to beat A Catalyzing Caper quest in Palia.

The Temple of Flames is designed with a lot of detail and care, so exploring this new place is going to be fun and thrilling, but the puzzles can quickly get annoying as you really need to pay attention to the surroundings and read all of the clues the game is throwing at you.

Keep reading to find out how you can beat A Catalyzing Caper quest in Palia. Once you progress through all of the puzzles, you learn new things about Palia.

A Catalyzing Caper Palia – how to complete the quest Character about shoot an arrow

How to beat A Catalyzing Cape quest in Palia?

This quest will begin right after you complete the Plumehound Pilgrimage quest. You will need to go through the Flooded Fortress and reach the ruin where you found the Ancient Battery. The door that was previously locked will be open, and from there, you can enter the Temple of Flames.

Entrance Puzzle

  • You will find Hassian and Sifuu standing at the entrance. Talk to them.
  • They will ask you to open the entrance door. Go to the door and look at the clue.
  • Go back to the staircase and look at the ceiling. On the arches, you will find the symbols that you need to shoot arrows at to open the door.
  • Start shooting at the giant hanging braziers in the order of the closest one to the farthest one.
  • If you do this correctly, you will open the door and enter the main area of the Temple of Flames.

Opening the Mural

  • After you enter the main area, start moving to the left.
  • Find the pathway where Hassian is standing next to, and follow it to a door that leads you to the Mysterious Chamber.
  • In the chamber, interact with the Mural, then the Brazier next to it, then the fire pit.
  • Now, go to the Bird Statue and then talk to Sifuu.
  • She will give you a bunch of torches and you need to light them up with the help of the fire pit.
  • Then put the lit torch in the Brazier. The Mural will open up.

Maze 1

  • This is a smaller maze that you will encounter first.
  • Enter from the left side, and then just keep moving to the left when you are walking through it.
  • Only turning right when taking a left takes you to a dead end. If not, keep going left.
  • You should encounter a fire pit, so interact with it.
  • When you get out of the maze, you will reach an area with a giant ladder-like structure that you can climb.
  • Climb to the top and open up the Mural with your lit torch.

Maze 2

  • This maze is going to be a little bigger.
  • Start by taking a left and using the same strategy you used for the first maze.
  • Keep moving left until you hit a dead end, then take a right, and then again start taking a left.
  • You should find a fire pit and interact with it.
  • You will reach a climbable area, so start climbing.
  • Open up the Mural on top with your lit torch and enter the lava-flooded area.
A Catalyzing Caper Palia – how to complete the quest Character walking on a platform floating on lava

Lava Room

  • Glide to the platform on the left and move forward.
  • Use the climbable structure to move to the right.
  • Then glide to the fallen pillar in the Lava.
  • Then just glide to the platform in front of you.
  • Start climbing up to the room with Braziers and light the one in the front.
  • Look at the Mural there, and then glide back to the Mysterious Chamber.

The Main Area Puzzle

  • Before going back to the main area, talk to Hassian.
  • Enter the main area and start moving to the east.
  • You will reach a dead end, with Hassain standing near it.
  • There will be another door that leads to another area of this Temple.
  • It will be locked, and to open it, you will have to shoot arrows at the Braziers situated on the left and right sides of this door.
  • You will need to take note of the symbols on Braziers and then look at the symbols on Murals in the main area.
  • Then, you have to shoot them in the order of the murals you encountered in the previous area with the mazes.
  • If you don’t remember, then just follow this order from left to right: First Brazier from the left, first Brazier from the right, second Brazier from the right, and second Brazier from the left.

Reaching the Final Area

  • Interact with the Bird Statue.
  • Then, just start walking down the staircase, and jump, and start gliding. Try to stay in the middle lane.
  • Your character won’t reach the area with Tau; however, instead of landing on the Lava, you will land on an invisible bridge.
  • So, just walk on this invisible bridge, and reach the final area, and talk to Tau.

Final Puzzle

  • To solve this puzzle, you can move the tile piece in this order: Right, Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, and Left, assuming that you did not move from the default position you start with.
  • Then just talk to Hassian, and you will have completed this quest.

When you are walking through the maze, you will find chests filled with rewards, so take your time and don’t rush through it. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles, such as Palia Flametongue Ray – where to find and get and Palia Spitfire Cicada – where to find and get.