Palia Spitfire Cicada – where to find and get Characters gliding

Palia Spitfire Cicada – where to find and get

Spitfire Cicadas are these beautiful-looking cicadas in Palia. They have this bright, fiery design that makes them very memorable. This bombastic design probably also made them a part of the new Brightbug Bundle that came with the Temple of Flames update. So, if you are wondering where you can find Spitfire Cicadas in Palia, this article will tell you exactly that.

However, Spitfire Cicadas are one of the rarest bugs in Palia, so it might take a while till you encounter more. Furthermore, you should have great bug-catching skills and be prepared with a lot of smoke bombs, as you really don’t want to miss your chance if you actually find one. 

Keep reading to find out where you can catch a Spitfire Cicada in Palia. You only need one for the bundle, so hopefully it does not take a while for you.

Palia Spitfire Cicada – where to find and get Character about to catch a cicada

Where to find a Spitfire Cicada in Palia?

You can find Spitfire Cicadas mainly in the south Bahari Bay area. Check out places like Pulsewater Plains, Hideaway Bluffs, Pavel Mines, Flooded Fortress, and Windy Ruins. They generally rest on Sapwood Trees, and you will be able to hear their buzz when you are near them.

If you are near a Sapwood Tree with a Spitfire Cicada on its bark, slowly move closer to it and start throwing your smoke bombs. It will try to fly away, but it won’t be fast. You should be using a Buzzy Jar to locate these Cicadas, as it helps you track areas with rare insects for 15 minutes.

You can get it from the Bug Catching Guild Store for 2,500 Gold after reaching Level 8 Bug Catching. Spitfire Cicadas generally come outside during the morning, so go look for them from 3:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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