Ravenlok door of destiny the queen's castle

Ravenlok door of destiny – how to get to the Queen

The Queen of Hearts in the Alice in Wonderland movie always had her charm, doesn’t she? I mean, she’s one dangerous character, but she’s also quite weird and strange. But the one in Cococumber’s latest game is just all kinds of mean and dangerous. But you’ll need to be solving the Ravenlok door of destiny quest before you can reach her.

This is the last quest of the game, before the final fight with the Queen. While it is not difficult, it is easy to get confused about what exactly the game wants you to do. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you figure it all out.

Read on below to find out how to get through the final Ravenlok door of destiny quest and complete the game.

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Ravenlok door of destiny – How to enter the door to the Queen’s Chamber

If you look at the quest, the description only tells you to find four different cards. But where are they? It is simple, basically, you have to press the corresponding symbol (heart, spade, diamond, club) and then complete four different fights.

But where are these symbols? Simple, they are next to the door you will find once you enter the castle, to the left and right. Right next to these doors, you will find the heart, spade, diamond and club symbols. Press one and enter the door right next to the one you just pressed.

Once inside, you will find yourself trapped in a fight against the Queen’s guards, they shouldn’t be too difficult but space to move is limited so be careful. Once you have beaten all the enemies, you will be given a reward: the corresponding card.

Complete all four different fights, then with the cards in hand get to the gate and insert the cards. The gate should open and let you in the Queen’s Chamber. Voilà.

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