Ravenlok hats character with the queen's crown

Ravenlok hats – collect all of them

Hats, hats and more hats. Who doesn’t love them? Especially when going to a nice party or, well, in the case of the game we are looking at now, a tea party is even better. But if you’re having trouble finding all of the Ravenlok hats, we can’t blame you. Instead, we’ll help you!

While playing through the game, you will get to unlock automatically some of them, but the others? They seem to just not be there. What’s going on? Well, unfortunately, the remaining adornments will need to be located – and it’s not that simple.

We’ll explain everything you need to know about the Ravenlok hats so your confusion will be gone and you can scratch that completionist itch you have.

Ravenlok greenhouse puzzle

Ravenlok hats – Where to find all the hats in Ravenlok

Basically, what you need to know is that there’s a set of hats you can collect while playing, while others can only be accessed by purchasing two separate DLCs. Here’s where to find them in detail:

  • Raven Wings Helmet: given to you by the rabbit at the start
  • Witch’s Hat: collected after defeating the Hydra boss
  • Top Hat: given to you by the hatter after helping him
  • Flower Crown: in a chest after defeating the boss Esmeralda
  • Rabbit mask: collected after getting all the mask pieces
  • Queen’s Crown: given to you after beating the Queen
  • Red Bowtie: a gift after collecting all of the figurines

These are the ones you can unlock while playing the base game, for the other hats you need to buy the Curious Medley and Oddly Satisfying DLCs. The hats you can obtain are:

  • Chef’s Hat
  • Soot Bunny Hat
  • Mushroom Beret
  • Jester’s Hat
  • Collector’s Hat
  • Bob’s Hat
  • Tea Time Hat
  • Soot Bunny Beanie

These are all the hats you can actually have in the game, at least for the moment. Should any new hats or masks come out, we will be sure to update this guide. If you need more help, check out our Ravenlok greenhouse guide.

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