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Ravenlok three relics – where are they

Are you ready to enter the castle and meet your fate? Yes, this is all about that final fight, finally confronting the evil that has been terrorizing the land. Which evil? Well, the Queen of Hearts of course! Yes, we’re talking about the Ravenlok three relics quest and how to enter the castle.

This is really the main quest of the game and the one that will drive all your efforts, once you complete it, well, the game is over. Except for collecting the hats and figurines, of course. But when you first start the game you might be wondering what it’s all about.

So let’s look at how to get those Ravenlok three relics and fight the evil queen so you know what you need to do to beat the game. Read on below to find out everything you need to know.

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Ravenlok three relics – how to enter the Queen’s Castle

As mentioned, this is really the main quest of the game, the one you are given once you enter the realm. To enter the queen’s castle, you will have to pick up three relics which are found scattered over the world.

They are obtained by entering an alternate realm, which the rabbit will lead you to, shatter a heart with your sword and get the relic. But where are the relics, you might ask?

Here are their locations and what to do to get them:

  • The first will be given to you in the Tea party after defeating the Hydra
  • The second is all about completing the clock tower, defeating the mechanical birds and getting to the last floor of the planetarium
  • Finally, the third is found in the greenhouse after defeating Esmeralda

Once you have all three relics, get to the castle’s gate, insert them and, finally, the castle’s gate will open. If you want, you can also insert the relics one by one, once you have them, doesn’t really change much. Once you’re inside, it will be a short distance to the Queen, with just one more quest to go, which will be the door of destiny.

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