Baldur's Gate 3 Investigate Selunite - how to complete the quest Character looking confused

Baldur’s Gate 3 Investigate Selunite – how to complete the quest

During your journey to uncover more information about the Selunite Resistance, you will trigger a quest in which you will have to Investigate Selunite. This quest is actually a missable questline, so many players might not know how to exactly complete it. So, this article will provide you with a guide for completing the investigate Selunite quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You will need to persuade a certain NPC and also travel through an underground area and defeat a lot of enemies. All in all, this is a pretty fun quest, as long as you know where you need to go.

Baldur's Gate 3 Investigate Selunite - how to complete the quest Characters standing under the moonlight

How to complete the Investigate Selunite quest in Badlur’s Gate 3?

During Act 2, explore the western side of the Shadowed Battlefield. There, you will find the Potter’s Chest at the Abandoned Potter’s workshop. Read what’s inside this chest, and the quest will trigger. Then, follow the steps below to complete this quest:

  • Travel to the Last Light Inn and talk to Mattis.
  • He will say that he has a special key; persuade him to get the key.
  • Travel to the basement of the Last Light Inn.
  • In the basement, there should be a pathway blocked by some crates and cobwebs. Destroy all this and enter.
  • You will then encounter a cracked wall. Break it entirely and pass through.
  • You will reach a room with enemies, defeat all of them, and read the Journal on the table.
  • On your right, there should be a pathway that leads to a chest.
  • Now, travel to Mason’s Guild, west of the Shadowed Battlefield.
  • Enter the guild and go through the wooden hatch to reach the underground.
  • Use Mattis’s key in the keyhole.
  • Keep moving forward, you will reach a room with enemies, and on the table, there should be Mason’s letters and logs, which you can read. There should be a chest as well, so remember to loot it.

Once you read the letters and logs, you will complete the Investigate Selunite quest. This quest is not going to be that easy, as you will encounter a lot of enemies. So, get ready to prepare a lot of combat strategies.

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