Starfield character builder - Customizing the character appearance

Starfield character builder guide

Starfield, the highly anticipated epic role-playing game from Bethesda, offers players an unparalleled level of freedom and customization when it comes to creating their protagonists. In this Starfield character builder guide, we will share details on how to customize your character in Starfield.

With advanced technology and a vast array of options, Starfield’s character creation system allows you to design a unique and immersive character that suits your playstyle and preferences.

Keep reading to find out how to customize your character with our Starfield character builder guide.

Starfield character builder explained

We will take a look at all the features such as Biometric ID, body customization and facial features.

Biometric ID

The first step in creating your Starfield character is selecting a biometric ID. This serves as the base model for your protagonist. Bethesda has utilized advanced technology to scan and analyze real human faces. This results in a wide range of preset options for players to choose from. While these presets can be modified later in the character creation process, selecting a base model provides a starting point for further customization.

Body Customization

After choosing a biometric ID, you can proceed to customize your character’s body. Starfield offers three body types: feminine, masculine, and a range of body shapes that can be adjusted using a circular grid. This grid allows you to define your character’s muscularity, weight, and body structure by manipulating a dot’s position within the grid. 

Additionally, Starfield introduces a unique feature – walk style. Players can choose between a feminine or masculine walk animation, adding an extra layer of personalization to their character.

Facial Features

In the facial features section, you have the opportunity to sculpt and refine your character’s appearance. Starfield’s facial customization menu is the most advanced and flexible system ever created by Bethesda. You can modify various aspects of your character’s face, including head shape, chin, jaw, neck, nose, eyes, mouth, ears, and cheeks. 

Additionally, Bethesda has implemented a wide range of options for skin customization, allowing you to add scars, adjust complexion color temperature, and enhance skin details. With these features, you can create a truly unique and lifelike character in Starfield.


Choosing a character background is a crucial step in the Starfield character creation process. Your character’s background determines their starting skills and influences how the game world and NPCs interact with your protagonist. Starfield offers a total of 21 backgrounds, each providing a distinct narrative and gameplay experience. Whether you choose to be a Beast Hunter, Bounty Hunter, Diplomat, or any other background, your decisions will shape the path your character takes in the vast universe of Starfield.


Traits in Starfield are optional modifiers that allow you to further customize your character’s abilities. You can select up to three traits from a diverse list, each offering unique advantages and disadvantages. To know more about traits, you can read our Starfield Traits guide. These traits can significantly impact gameplay, so choose wisely. Experiment with different trait combinations to find the ones that best suit your playstyle.

Finishing Touches: Name and Pronouns

Once you have customized every aspect of your character, it’s time to give them a name and select their pronouns. Starfield allows you to choose from a variety of pronouns. Such as ensuring that your character is represented accurately in the game’s dialogue and interactions. Take your time to select a name that reflects your character’s personality and backstory. That will be the name by which they are known throughout the game.

That’s all in this Starfield character builder guide. That’s all you need to know in this guide. If you find this guide helpful, please check out our other Starfield articles, such as how to play Starfield on Xbox One explained and Starfield Neon location guide