Starfield Neon location guide Character walking towards a giant neon sign

Starfield Neon location guide

Neon is a location in Starfield that visually looks like a city out of cyberpunk movies. From its crime-infested streets to neon lights soaking the environment with a multi-color glow. This place is perfect for exploring and performing all the nefarious activities you always wanted to do. Moreover, a main mission also requires you to be there. So, here’s a guide to Neon in Starfield.

There are many useful items you can also find in this place. All in all, if you haven’t explored this region of space yet, then you definitely need to go there as soon as possible. You are truly missing out on a unique experience.

Keep reading to find out the guide to Neon in Starfield. Experience what would’ve happened if Bethesda developed Cyberpunk 2077.

Starfield Neon location guide Character standing in the middle of a street

Where is Neon located in Starfield?

The city of Neon is located on the planet Volii Alpha. This planet is in the Voli star system and you can access it by first making a jump to the Olympus.

Neon City quest guide

This city is tied to a main mission quest called “All That Money Can Buy,” so if you are progressing through the main questline, you have to visit this city. This location is pretty big, with many things going on there simultaneously. You can rent rooms at Hotel Volii or buy useful contrabands from Boone Morgan like Aurora, which when consumed, slows down time by 4% for 10 seconds. You can find her at Astral Lounge.

Trade Authority is also present in this city, so you can sell most of your stuff at this place. Mickey Caviar is also present in this city, and you can make him a companion. Faction politics are at an all-time high, as when you visit Neon’s core, you will find Ryujin Industries as a point of interest. You can complete their quest as well.

An overheard quest will be triggered when you walk near the Bayu Statue and the Galbank Branch. Many other minor quests will also get activated when you are roaming in the Core area. These are all the major things you can do in this vibrant city, but, in all honesty, you will find so many more activities to do there.

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