Starfield Structural - Finding the material

Starfield Structural – Where and how to find

Structural materials are a crucial resource in Starfield, necessary for constructing various buildings, completing research projects, and advancing in the game. This guide will provide you with multiple methods to acquire structural materials in Starfield.

When establishing your outpost and aiming to upgrade it into a fully functional base, you will frequently encounter the need for structural materials. These resources enable you to construct and enhance various structures within your outpost, providing a solid foundation for your operations.

Read on to find out how and where you can find structural materials in Starfield.

How and where to find structural materials in Starfield

There are several ways to obtain structural materials in Starfield:

Purchase from Vendors

If you have sufficient credits and prefer a quick and convenient option, purchasing structural materials from vendors is your best bet. Visit shops like Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis, where you can browse their resource section to find “Structural Material.” Keep in mind that the availability of these materials may vary, so if you don’t see them, wait for up to 24 in-game hours before checking again.

Gather from Fauna and Flora

Another way to obtain structural materials is by harvesting them from fauna and flora. While not all plants and creatures provide this resource, you can scan them to identify the ones that do. Look for the keyword “Structural” during your scans to ensure you can harvest them accordingly.

Random Drops from Storage Containers

As you explore the world of Starfield, keep an eye out for storage containers. While the chance of finding structural materials in these containers is random and luck-based, it’s worth checking them to see if any appear. You might stumble upon these valuable resources while venturing through enemy bases, outposts, and other locations.

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