Investigate the Source of the Anomaly Starfield - how to complete Characters looking at a giant mountain

Investigate the Source of the Anomaly Starfield – how to complete

Many of the major quests in Starfield require players to travel to certain areas. These places are generally alien planets with equally strange and hard-to-navigate environments. Players experience this most during quests like Investigate the Source of the Anomaly in Starfield. This mission is quite confusing to many players due to its cryptic nature. So, to help you out this article will provide you with a guide.

You will have to walk a lot and have some patience. But once you understand what exactly you will have to do to finish your investigation, you will feel relief and progress through this game.

Thus, keep reading to find out how exactly you can Investigate the Source of the Anomaly in Starfield and finally complete it.

Investigate the Source of the Anomaly Starfield - how to complete Character flying towards a strange light source

How to complete Investigate the Source of Anomaly in Starfield

You will get the Investigate the Source of Anomaly quest when you are completing the Main Mission 5: Into the Unknown. Now, to complete this quest, you have to perform the following steps:

  • Travel to Proycon III, open up your scanner and start walking towards the direction of the Anomaly.
  • Your signal will keep breaking up, it is visualized by the distorting white circle on your screen. The more it breaks up, the closer you are.
  • If you keep walking in the direction of this distortion, you will reach a strange structure. Go inside it.
  • You will enter a room with zero gravity and see a giant ring-like structure floating in the middle.
  • Your goal is now to power up this structure.
  • Start flying towards the flickering and spinning light orbs in the room.
  • Keep doing this at least 15 times.
  • When the ring is fully powered. Fly into it.
  • A cutscene will start.
  • Once you have done this, travel back to the Lodge and complete this quest.

This is how you basically finish this quest. If for some reason flying towards the flickering lights is not powering up the ring for you, then tell your companions to wait outside the zero-gravity room and try again. For completing this quest, you will get an Anti-gravity field that you can access through the Powers menu.

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