How to get rich quick in Starfield A spaceship docked on a spaceport

How to get rich quick in Starfield

Starfield’s expansiveness is something to behold. With many planets to explore and quests to complete, you will need to make sure you have enough money or, in this case, credits in your pocket. This game has a pretty thriving economic system, and understanding it or even exploiting it a little bit will not cause you any harm. This article will provide a simple method to get rich quick in Starfield.

Since the release of Starfield, players have been spending countless hours exploring every nook and cranny of this game. However, it is clear that if you don’t have an effective method to earn credits on a regular basis, there will be a lot of features that you won’t be able to use.

Keep reading to learn about how you can get rich quick in Starfield. This is probably the simplest and fastest way to acquire credits.

How to get rich quick in Starfield Characters engaging in a gunfight

How to earn credits quickly in Starfield

To earn credits quickly in Starfield, just follow the quick steps below:

  • Travel to the Jeminson planet, located in the Alpha Centauri System.
  • Go to the Jemison Mercantile shop.
  • Buy Digipicks. If the shopkeeper does not have a good amount of them, then just wait for 45 hours and try again. This will refresh the shop.
  • After getting the Digipicks, travel to the Nesoi, located in the Olympus Star System.
  • You will find a space station called The Almagest hovering over the planet.
  • You will need to dock on it, but before that remember to make a quick save and then change your difficulty level to “Very Hard”
  • After doing so, you can dock on The Almagest.
  • Now, that you have loaded in The Almagest with “Very Hard” difficulty, the loot inside of it will be way more valuable.
  • Once inside this space station, you will have to fight enemies. So, make another quick save before you begin your fight.
  • After they are all eliminated, make your way to the level above the vault area.
  • Go inside the room on the left, you will find three safes.
  • Use the Digipicks to open them up and get the loot.
  • You can always use the quick save to re-roll the items if you are not satisfied with what you got.
  • Now, go inside the Vault. There will be a small opening below it.
  • You will find a room with a Jackpot terminal, the password is 12,19,36 and 5, and a Contraband Cache,
  • This is where you make credits, get the payout from the terminal, and loot the Contraband Cache.
  • With your contrabands, travel to The Den, located in the Wolf Star System.
  • This is a place where you can sell your Contrabands without worrying about scanners.
  • Alternatively, you can get Shielded Cargo to hide your Contrabands.

This method is technically an exploit, but it does not alter or break the game too much. Furthermore, if you still want to avoid doing anything exploitative, then just change your difficulty once you are inside the Almagest. But do this only after you have loaded in with “Very Hard” difficulty.

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