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Palia error 423 – how to fix unable to connect

You’re sitting down to play some relaxing and cozy MMORPG and what happens? There is some irritating error preventing you to play. That’s not nice at all, so let’s see how to fix Palia error 423 and get back gaming as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, since Palia has launched recently and it is still in beta, these kind of errors might happen more often than not. But do not fret yet, solutions are there to be used.

So, let’s see how to fix that Palia error 423 and get back gaming.

How to fix unable to connect error in Palia

First things first, you might want to check that your internet connection is working fine and there are not any slowdowns. Then, also check that the Palia servers are working correctly. You can do so by visiting the official Twitter page and see if there’s any message.

If everything seems to be working okay, then let’s get to solve the mystery and look at these possible fixes.

Disable VPN

If you’re playing on a VPN, that might indeed cause some problems. For example, it might be peak hours in the region you’re trying to connect to.

Disable your VPN and try again without it, or viceversa, if you’ve been trying to connect without, definitely give it a try.

Run as Administrator

Try to run the game as Administrator, as that usually might solve some of the issues in connecting with the servers or other weird problems that might pop up. Just right click on the Palia shortcut and select “Run as administrator”.

Disable Antivirus and Firewall

Perhaps, your Antivirus program or Firewall is acting up and preventing Palia from working correctly. Again, that might happen. So, try do disable it for a few minutes and run Palia without any barriers.

If everything else seems to fail, then try to reinstall the game or get in contact with the studio. They might surely be able to help get you back playing.

That’s all we have for you on how to fix the Palia error 423. For more guides on the games check out how to pick up and move items and how to change clothes.