Vampire Survivors Arcana cards explained - fighting monsters

Vampire Survivors Arcana cards explained

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You can use a unique card system to significantly alter your classic gameplay experience in Vampire Survivors. In this guide, we will take you through everything you need to know about the Vampire Survivors Arcana cards.

Each card in the system has its own set of modifiers that can drastically change the way you play the game. With many different cards to unlock and experiment with, you can expect to spend many hours exploring all the possibilities.

Keep reading to find out all about Vampire Survivors Arcana cards and how to use them.

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How to get Arcana cards in Vampire Survivors

To unlock the Arcana card system, you need first to collect the Relic called Randomazzo. You can find this Relic in the Gallo Tower stage, which is located by traveling due north. If you have already discovered the Milky Way Map Relic before embarking on your search for Randomazzo, a green arrow will point you in the right direction.

Still, best be on your toes. Several enemies guard the Relic with a Clock Lancet-like ability that can slow down your movement speed. Although these enemies are not particularly powerful, you should still make sure you are at a high level before attempting to collect the item. This is because your lowered MoveSpeed will leave you vulnerable to attacks from the horde.

Once you’ve found the Randomazzo, you can select your Arcanas at the beginning of each run. Alternatively, you can choose the blue question mark button to be given a random card. Your selected Arcana will grant you a modifier that will impact your gameplay throughout the match.

If you manage to survive until roughly the 11-minute mark, you’ll encounter a high-tier enemy that, when defeated, will drop a Chest with a selection of four random Arcanas to choose from.

If you’re lucky, and make it to the 21-minute mark, you’ll face off with another high-tier enemy for the opportunity to select your third and final Arcana from a pool of four randomly drawn cards.

That concludes our guide for Arcana cards in Vampire Survivors. You might like our Stone Mask location guide and how to unlock and evolve the spellbinder.