Lies of P Red Fox offer - should you accept it? Character standing in front of two other characters

Lies of P Red Fox offer – should you accept it?

Red Fox and Black Cat are two strange characters in Lies of P. Whenever they interact with you, there is a sense of unpredictability that causes a high level of tension. Additionally, you have a variety of dialogue options to choose from that will dictate their relationship with you in the future. So, one of these decisions comes in the form of an offer that the Red Fox presents to you in Lies of P. So, now the question is: should you accept the Red Fox offer in Lies of P?

You will encounter them many times in the game, and it is really a head-scratcher as they do not always seem like the nicest people to talk to in this game. So, you can get confused regarding whether you should accept the offer or not.

Keep reading to find out the answer to the question: should you accept the Red Fox offer in Lies of P?

Lies of P Red Fox offer - should you accept it? A Character is sitting on the ground while the two other characters are looking at each other

Should you accept Red Fox’s offer in Lies of P?

The answer is, well, it depends. So, here’s the thing: Red Fox will give you this offer when you are just entering the Malum District (Area 5). This is the area where you will have to fight the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, and in the offer, she clearly mentions that she wants your help to defeat enemies on the way to the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s hideout.

If you refuse this offer, they will not help you with the enemies, and you will have to eliminate all of them by yourself. if you choose to accept their offer, they will join you in combat and take out many of the enemies on the way leading to the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s hideout.

Furthermore, if you choose to help them, you will be on a much better footing during most of your future encounters with them, but if you don’t, this will negatively impact your relationship with them.

Thus, the most useful choice is to accept Red Fox’s offer. However, if you think they are annoying and you like fighting solo, then go ahead and refuse the offer.

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