Best Engineer build in Dark Envoy - Leo during the Free Phoenicia story.

Best Engineer build in Dark Envoy – specialization and skills

If you’re interested in the best Engineer build in Dark Envoy with the best specialization and class skills, here’s everything you must know. This class is a mix between a DPS and a support/buffer unit and can be an extremely valuable asset to your team with the right build. Let’s examine the best attributes, class skills, and specialization skills for the Engineer.

Best Engineer build in Dark Envoy - Leo attribute point distribution.

Best Engineer build in Dark Envoy

The Engineer is ideally used as a unit that can summon many constructs that can take the aggro from enemies and deal consistent damage. Additionally, with a few extra skills, this class can deal significant damage on its own, regardless of summons.

Based on those, the best Engineer build in Dark Envoy uses the Constructor specializes, prioritizes the Power attribute, and utilizes a mix of damage-dealing and summoning skills.

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The best Engineer attributes in Dark Envoy focus on maxing Power as soon as possible. This stat will increase your strength and efficiency as it increases mana and mana regeneration while also buffing your skill power.

Secondarily, spend attribute points on Speed and Mastery to increase mobility and survivability. If you end up losing too much HP and need more defensive stats, consider increasing Endurance too.

Best Engineer class skills

The best Engineer skills in Dark Envoy offer solid damage, helpful buffs and debuffs, and an easy way to escape from tricky situations. Specifically, I recommend the following skills:

  • Gun Turret: Summons a ranged gun turret that attacks enemies
  • Mana Absorb (passive): Gain mana regeneration whenever you attack enemies; duration and effect increase if you’re using a 2H weapon
  • Weak Point (passive): Your attacks inflict stun and vulnerable; duration and effect increase if you’re using a 2H weapon
  • Grappling Hook: Use a grappling hook towards a hard surface and pull yourself toward it while gaining increased Dodge Chance
  • Ionized Blast: Summon a sphere that deals high AoE damage and knocks back enemies

Gun Turret is your main damage skill and should be used always when off cooldown. Mana Absord and Weak Point allow you to have enough resources to spam spells while also rebuffing enemies with your attacks.

Ionized Blast is a great AoE damage spell that’s ideal against grouped enemies while Grappling Hook is your get-out-of-jail card, in case enemies get too close and you need to pull back.

Best Engineer build in Dark Envoy - Best class and specialization skill build for Leo.

Best Constructor specialization skills

The best Engineer specialization is the Constructor because it offers great summoning skills to take the aggro from enemies, deal more damage, and increase the class’ overall utility. The best Constructor skills are the following:

  • Construct Guard: Summons a strong and durable melee unit with Taunt
  • Improved Assembly (passive): Increased weapon damage and magic shield to all allied constructs
  • Pocket Factory (passive): Increase total Summon Points
  • Quickcharge Rod: Summons a rod that continuously recharges allies’ magic shields for 30 seconds
  • Flame Titan: Summons a strong melee unit that deals significant damage but has low defense

Construct Guard is your main spell and should always be active as it takes the aggro from enemies and allows you and your allies to deal damage undisturbed. With this skill, you don’t need to have a Guardian or a designated tank in general on your team.

Improved Assembly and Pocket Factory allow you to spawn more units overall and make them stronger, while Quickcharge Rod is a useful buff for you and your allies. Lastly, the Flame Titan is an extremely strong DPS summon that should be used whenever possible to increase your overall damage.

To sum up, the best Engineer build in Dark Envoy uses the Power stat and the Constructor specialization to deal high damage while also summoning multiple units. These units deal damage and take the aggro from enemies to ensure allies can fight undisturbed. If you enjoyed reading this guide and want more similar content, check out our best Warrior build in Dark Envoy.

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