Jagged Alliance 3 Biff fight - all choices explained Character sniping

Jagged Alliance 3 Biff fight – all choices explained

The treacherous and harsh world of Jagged Alliance 3 does come up with some compelling characters who can actually help you to make a difference. Biff happens to be one of them, however, because of his usefulness, he has gone into hiding and The Legion assassins are trying to eliminate him. The information he has is key to progress through this game’s story. So, here’s a guide to understanding Jagged Alliance 3 Biff fight choices.

This arc is going to have multiple choices, and you have to make sure you choose the ones that suit what you believe in and what type of resources you need for your squad. The fight is going to be a challenge, but the reward will be invaluable, so make sure you have mercs with great stats.

Now, if you are ready, read on and find out about Jagged Alliance 3 Biff fight choices, and hopefully, everything goes well for you and your squad, soldier.

Jagged Alliance 3 Biff fight - all choices explained Character looting a body

Everything you need to know about Biff fight choices in Jagged Alliance 3

Biff will call you almost at the final act of the game’s storyline. He will tell you that he has a diamond and some sensitive information that The Major and Chimurenga will literally try to eliminate him for. The following are choices you will get when dealing with Chimurenga:

  • Hand over the Diamond to Chimurenga: For this choice you will need 50 Loyalty with Pantagruel and a Merc with High Wisdom stat.
  • Keep the Diamond: In this option, you will battle Chimurenga. Keep Biff alive and then, you will get further options to either kill or spare Chimurenga.

You don’t get any choices when fighting the Major. However, after defeating both Chimurenga and the Major, you will get the following options when talking to Biff:

  • Kill Biff: As the options suggest, you will eliminate Biff and loot the diamond from his dead body. It can be sold for $50,000 making it one of the most lucrative diamonds to have in this game.
  • Spare BIff: he will survive and give you some sensitive information.

Biff’s story arc is pretty important to the Jagged Alliance 3’s main storyline, so only begin this quest when you truly believe your squad is prepared. Moreover, you are going to have a giant fight with Major and Chimurenga, thus, be sure to hire Snipers and Explosive Experts to your squad. Make sure to keep Biff alive as you will lose some mercenaries during the fight.

This is all there is to know about Biff’s choices in Jagged Alliance 3. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles such as My Friendly Neighborhood characters – all characters explained and Jagged Alliance 3 console – can you play on consoles?