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My Friendly Neighborhood characters – all characters explained

My Friendly Neighborhood is a survival horror puzzle game where players step into the shoes of Gordon to fend off puppets. This guide aims to provide information about the My Friendly Neighborhood characters to understand their backstories, abilities, and unique traits.

From the main character, Gordon, to the neighborhood mascots and bosses. We’ll delve into all of their unique characteristics, behaviors, and backstories. 

So grab your wrench, and let’s dive into the dark and mysterious world of My Friendly Neighborhood characters and discover who is waiting for us.

All My Friendly Neighborhood characters

In the game, Gordon is the main protagonist who is tasked with stopping the broadcast of a long-forgotten television show. Gordon becomes a soldier fighting off deranged puppets. As the hero of the game, he must uncover the truth behind the puppet’s madness.

Meet the Neighborhood Mascots

The neighborhood mascots are the literal face of My Friendly Neighborhood. Let’s start with Norman, who appears as the most normal of the bunch. Despite his friendly appearance, Norman acts erratic and needy, often chasing after Gordon in an attempt to play. It seems that his behavior stems from a craving for human touch.

Next up is Lilianna, who appears more sinister than Norman. With her green Whoville-style hair and spindly arms, Lilianna exudes a more threatening vibe. Her actions, combined with a creepy laugh, make her an unsettling presence in the neighborhood.

Junebug completes the original trio of mascots. She greets Gordon with open arms and seems both surprised and happy to see him. Unlike other mascots, Junebug simply runs at Gordon, resembling a salesperson trying to sell him something. She poses a lower threat compared to other characters in My Friendly Neighborhood.

Lenard exhibits behavior similar to Norman, flailing his arms around and claiming to be Gordon’s friend. However, he cannot duplicate himself like Norman. There is also a statue version of Lenard with the same behavior.

Unraveling the Neighborhood Sidekicks

The neighborhood sidekicks are puppets stuck in the past, often seen practicing lines for their show. George, who resembles an authoritative figure, was likely responsible for the scientific sections of My Friendly Neighborhood. Although his uniform suggests he was the bus driver, his dialogue hints at his knowledge of engineering.

The Hand Puppets (Hand, Randy, and Pig) are relatively easy to deal with as they can be one shot with a gun. They often emerge from the walls and watch or speak to Gordon from afar, making it harder to hit them with alphabet bullets. Keeping a distance and practicing aim is key to taking them down.

Gobblette, a large frog-like puppet, moves around the map in a straight line. While he can pose a threat if there’s no escape route, keeping a distance and having an escape plan can help avoid his attacks.

The Neighborhood Pets and Puppet Allies

Pearl, the Big Bird of the neighborhood, exhibits more animalistic behavior rather than that of a sentient puppet. It is recommended that players maintain their distance from Pearl, as her sole objective is to consume. She stands tall above the surroundings, serving as a constant reminder of the lurking dangers in My Friendly Neighborhood.

The neighborhood also features Dogs that bark at Gordon unless he gets too close. These dogs can be quickly taken out with a gun, eliminating the need to engage them at close range.

Ray is a puppet residing in the pipes. He only becomes aggressive when provoked, offering players a chance to redeem themselves in his eyes. Ray’s primary focus is fixing or creating things, but his true intentions remain uncertain.

Arnold, another harmless character, is passionate about teaching music to his pupil. He can be found playing Fur Elise on his classic Yamaha piano, offering players access to his elevator feature.

Ricky, a sock puppet confined to the pipework, serves as Gordon’s only real friend in this nightmarish world. While his true motives are unclear, Ricky guides Gordon, warns him of dangers, and tries to prevent harm to the other residents of My Friendly Neighborhood.

Confronting the Bosses of the Neighborhood

The bosses of My Friendly Neighborhood are as iconic as they are formidable. From a curtain that spawns duplicate puppets to an amalgamation of creatures determined to take down Gordon, these bosses represent the deteriorating minds of the once-beloved residents. Their creations were unintended, a consequence of trying to revive the friendliest show on the planet.

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