Best research in Dark Envoy

Best research to get first in Dark Envoy

Are you trying to decide on the best research in Dark Envoy to upgrade first? Here’s everything you need to know. After progressing through the first few chapters, you’ll unlock the research tree, which further splits up into the Crafting, Enchantments, and Tactical research categories. Of course, you don’t have enough points to get everything, so it’s essential to decide which ones to upgrade first. Let’s examine all three trees to see where to spend your hard-earned research points while also showcasing how to get more research points.

Best research in Dark Envoy

Best research in Dark Envoy - full research tree.

There are three research trees available:

  • Crafting: Adds various upgrades to the crafting system and allows you to craft better gear
  • Enchantments: Adds various upgrades to the enchantment system and allows you to enchant your gear more efficiently and effectively
  • Tactical: Adds combat upgrades that buff all your characters

Overall, all three trees are useful but the best research in Dark Envoy is the Tactical Tree and specifically the following options:

  • Emergency Regeneration: While below 50% HP, all your units start regenerating 2 HP per second
  • Back from the Brink: Revives all your units with 25/50% HP
  • Righteous Fury: When one of your characters is defeated, all others gain increased attack speed, move speed, and life steal for 10 seconds

Other than those three, anything that passively increases the stats of your team from the Tactical Tree is worth it, especially when it’s about Damage, Critical Damage, and Mobility.

As for the other two trees, I recommend ignoring them during the early game and only focusing on crafting and enchanting later on, when you’ve settled on the main team you want to use.

In these two trees, focus on getting to Legendary Item Crafting and Improved Modifiers on the Crafting tree and Weapon Enchanting on the Enchantments tree. With these, you’ll be able to craft and enchant better items overall and they are the most crucial skills to get first on these trees.

How to get more research points

Best research in Dark Envoy - interact with the blue Research monuments to get more research points.

The only way to progress through the trees is by earning research points. To get more research points in Dark Envoy, explore large dungeons and look for the research lootable monuments. They are mostly found in large dungeons but you can also find them in story missions and occasionally in smaller dungeons.

The easiest way to spot them is by keeping an eye on the minimap for a small white symbol. Once you find it, clear any nearby enemies and interact with it. On average, you can expect to get around 20 Research Pages per monument.

To summarize, the best research in Dark Envoy involves taking any stat increases from the Tactical Tree, as well as the active abilities that heal and restore allies. For the other two trees, prioritize Legendary Item Crafting and Weapon Enchanting to craft and enchant the best gear possible. For more Dark Envoy content, don’t hesitate to check out our best Warrior build guide and our suggestions on the best starting class for Kaela and Malakai.

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