Dark Envoy weapons list - Benedict, Kaela, and Vasso during a story cutscene.

Dark Envoy all weapons – full list

Are you looking for a list of all weapons in Dark Envoy? Here are all of them to help you decide which one to use on each character. Overall, the game includes over 15 unique weapons that you can equip and each comes with different auto attacks and a distinct weapon skill. If you want to take a look into all the weapons you can find, loot, and craft during your playthrough, here’s a full list of them.

Dark Envoy weapon list - real-time combat while using a weapon skill.

Full list of all Dark Envoy weapons

Here are all the weapon types available in Dark Envoy:

  • Axe (one-handed)
  • Axe (two-handed)
  • Bow (two-handed)
  • Crossbow (one-handed)
  • Crossbow (two-handed)
  • Dagger (one-handed)
  • Hammer (one-handed)
  • Hammer (two-handed)
  • Magic Gauntlets (one-handed)
  • Pistol (one-handed)
  • Polearm (two-handed)
  • Prism (two-handed)
  • Shield (one-handed)
  • Staff (two-handed)
  • Sword (one-handed)
  • Sword (two-handed)
  • Wand (one-handed)

Keep in mind that each weapon has a unique special skill. However, there is no best weapon overall. Instead, your best option is to use a weapon that has enchantments and stats that fit with your character’s playstyle.

For instance, in our best Ranger build in Dark Envoy, we recommend using the Commando passive. This increases your attack speed while holding two weapons, so your best choice there is two one-handed pistols (or crossbows).

As for rarity, the best one is legendary or unique. They are equally strong and the only thing that varies is their enchantments, so choose between them based on which one fits your playstyle and character.

To summarize this list of all Dark Envoy weapons, you have 18 options available including both one-handed and two-handed weapons. From this list, choose the strongest weapons that you find or craft and the ones that fit best depending on your character builds. For more loadout suggestions, consider also checking out our best Adept build in Dark Envoy if you’re looking for a magic healer or the best Engineer build if you prefer a machine-summoning DPS character.

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