Dragon Shrimp Vampire Survivors - how to get the weapon - dog character

Dragon Shrimp Vampire Survivors – how to get the weapon

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Are you going to woof your way through this game? Well if you are playing as O’Sole Meeo, a nice little doggy with a powerful weapon called Celestial Dusting, then you just might In this guide, we will take you through how to find Dragon Shrimp Vampire Survivors so that you can obtain this powerful weapon for the dog.

O’Sole Meeo is a unique character, basically it is a dog with a weapon which looks like it is… farting flowers? Oh no. Well, luckily the weapon Celestial Dusting not only attacks enemies but also heals you.

Keep reading to find out how to find Dragon Shrimp Vampire Survivors.

How to find Dragon Shrimp in Vampire Survivors

Why do you need the Shrimp? Well you can use Dragon Shrimp to unlock O’Sole Meeo, defeat 3,000 of them in in the Gallo Tower. For this arena, you reach at least level 60 in the Dairy Plant level. Gallo Tower is vertically oriented, unlike most other stages which are wide open spaces. You will find yourself heading straight up or down for most of the level.

Dragon Shrimp are regular enemies in Gallo Tower, but they only appear after the 10-minute mark of gameplay. You’ll start to see them emerge once you reach this point. There are also the Flame and Serpentine versions, which will appear as you keep playing. 

It is worth noting that there are other variants of Dragon Shrimp that appear in the challenge stage called The Bone Zone, but these are considered “boss” enemies and do not count toward the 3,000 required to unlock O’Sole Meeo.

Once you have killed 3,000 of these Dragon Shrimp enemies, you will be able to add O’Sole Meeo to your collection and enjoy the benefits of his dog’s Celestial Dusting weapon.

Now you know how to get the weapon by defeating Dragon Shrimp in Vampire Survivors, go out there and get it! For more guidance on this game, feel free to take a look at how to evolve the Clock lancet and how to unlock and evolve the Infinite corridor