Fae Farm Job quests guide – all job quests listed Character waving to their friends

Fae Farm Job quests guide – all job quests listed

Fae Farms is filled to the brim with side quests that are designed around specific skills that you acquire in the game. They are known as Job Quests, and they are given by NPC characters living in the world of Palia. However, due to the sheer amount of Job Quests present, you might not know how many Job Quest givers there are or what type of Job Quest they will provide you with. So, this article will give you a list of all Job Quests in Fae Farm.

These Job Quests will help you master your skills, and completing them will make you a better player. You will also get rewards, so doing a Job Quest as a break from the main quest is a good idea. Moreover, you will be able to understand how this game works even better.

Keep reading to find out all about the Job Quests in Fae Farm. You will be spending a lot of time completing them.

Fae Farm Job quests guide – all job quests listed Character jumping off a bridge

Job Quests Explained in Fae Farm

Job Quests will be unlocked after you stop the Whirlpools and meet with Nippy. You will get a mail that will tell you all about it. Job Quests are basically skill-based quests given by a variety of characters in Fae Farm. Each of these Job Quests and quest givers can be categorized under those skills.

A particular character may just give you farming-based Job Quests whereas another character will only give you mining-related Job Quests. There will be multiple Job Quests for one particular skill as well, so get ready to spend a large amount of time on them, as there are generally at least 10-15 Job Quests for each of the skills.

The following are all the Job Quest givers and the skills they focus on:

  • Nessa — Fishing-related Job Quests
  • Holly — Farming-related Job Quests
  • Aspen — Furniture-related Job Quests
  • Cinder — Mining Job Quests
  • August — Cooking Job Quests
  • Mel — Critter Catching Job Quests
  • Patel — Animal-related Job Quests
  • Drak — Magic-related Job Quests
  • Balarandi — Potion Brewing Job Quests
  • Cleo — Adventuring Job Quests

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