108 Bocce Vampire Survivors - how to unlock - attacking enemies

108 Bocce Vampire Survivors – how to unlock

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The Legacy of the Moonspell DLC in Vampire Survivors introduces a variety of new weapons for you to enjoy. In this guide, we will take you through how to unlock the 108 Bocce Vampire Survivors.

This weapon resembles other defensive tools in the game, such as Garlic and King Bible. It creates a protective aura around you, dealing damage to any enemies who come too close. Additionally, eight beads orbit around you, adding to the weapon’s defensive capabilities.

Let’s find out how you can unlock the 108 Bocce Vampire Survivors.

How to unlock 108 Bocce in Vampire Survivors

To obtain the 108 Bocce weapon, you need to unlock McCoy-Oni, following which it becomes your starter weapon. If you want to use the 108 Bocce on another character in your roster, you must survive for 15 minutes with McCoy-Oni. Once the clock strikes 15:00, you can decide to stop the run and use the weapon with other characters.

When using this weapon, it’s important to note how it interacts with the Luck and Curse stats. The difference between these two stats boosts the damage of the weapon. For each 1% difference between Luck and Curse, the damage multiplier of the 108 Bocce increases by 1%. The maximum multiplier is 11x, achieved when there is a 1000% difference between Luck and Curse.

Another interesting feature of the 108 Bocce that stands out is its cooldown. If an enemy has never been within the protective circle before, the damage is dealt instantly. However, once an enemy has been hit, they cannot be damaged by the weapon again until the cooldown period is over. This means that you must use the 108 Bocce strategically to maximize its effectiveness.

Now you know how to unlock 108 Bocce in Vampire Survivors. If you’re looking for more guides on this game, here’s how to unlock and evolve the Greatest jubilee and how to beat the bone zone