Vampire Survivors bone zone - how to beat - surrounded by enemies

Vampire Survivors bone zone – how to beat

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In the rogue-like shooter from Italian developer Poncle, our main objective is to survive against hordes of enemies for as long as possible. How long? Well, it depends. This guide will take you through how to beat the Vampire Survivors bone zone.

In the Bone Zone, things are even more challenging. Every minute, the enemies become stronger and their numbers increase, putting your skills and strategy to the test. To stay alive, you must collect EXP Gems and obtain new weapons and abilities.

Let’s find out how to beat the Vampire Survivors bone zone.

How to beat the bone zone in Vampire Survivors 

To beat the Bone Zone, you need an AOE (area of effect) character. This means a character which has a weapon which works also in protecting you. For example, choose Poe (Garlic), Dommario (King Bible), Poppea (Song of Mana), or Cavallo (Cherry Bomb). Alternatively, just choose whoever you want and get AOE weapons as you progress.

The Bone Zone is the second challenge stage that you can play by unlocking Hyper Mode for any 3 stages. Moreover, you can also unlock the Bone Zone by using the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane spell “rottingpizza”. As the name suggests, you will face bone monsters of different kinds who will quickly surround you from all sides, leaving you little room to maneuver.

Poe with his Garlic works well early on to farm Exp Gems. But later, get other AOE weapons like the Runetracer, which bounces off the screen and kills many monsters. The King Bible is good, too, creating a shield around you with the Garlic. For directed attacks, use the Phiera Der Tuphello.

This bonus stage doesn’t have items like Rosaries or Floor Chickens, so pick up Tiragisu when possible to survive longer. Also, get Pummarola to increase your health every second. Spinach boosts your base attack. By 25 minutes, you should have a strong force around you that’s hard to beat. That’s the key to surviving the final onslaught.

That’s all you need to know on how to beat the bone zone in Vampire Survivors. For more guides, make sure to check out how to find the only one place where flowers bloom and how to evolve night sword