Greatest jubilee Vampire Survivors - how to unlock and evolve - powers and weapons

Greatest jubilee Vampire Survivors – how to unlock and evolve

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There are plenty of powerful weapons to use in the Italian tomato heavy title, but some are more coveted than others. In this guide, we will take you through how to unlock and evolve the Greatest jubilee Vampire Survivors.

Obtaining this weapon will give you a considerable boost in power. It will also let you use the unique ability to summon light sources. This can help you collect valuable resources such as money, healing items, and other miscellaneous items.

Keep reading to find out how you can unlock and evolve the Greatest jubilee Vampire Survivors.

How to unlock and evolve Greatest jubilee in Vampire Survivors

To get the Greatest Jubilee, you must first acquire two key relics, Gracia’s Mirror and the Seventh Trumpet. You can find both of these by collecting all the other relics from various locations throughout the game. These include the Magic Banger from Green Acres, the Milky Way Map and Ars Gouda from the Dairy Plant, Sorceress’ Tears and Randomazzo from Gallo Tower, the Glass Vizard from Moonglow, the Scrolls of Morbane from The Bone Zone, and the Great Gospel from Cappella Magna.

Once you have obtained all these relics, you can access a new stage called Eudaimonia M. You can find this above Mad Forest in the level selection screen. Here, you can claim either the Gracia’s Mirror or the Seventh Trumpet, but you must play a stage with the Inverse/Endless mode that the chosen relic offers in order to claim the other relic.

However, you must be prepared for a tough fight against an entity known as The Directer in order to obtain the Greatest Jubilee weapon. The fight is challenging and confusing at first, with many threats flying at you from different angles. You will need to invest in Revival power-ups to avoid death, as it may be impossible to survive through regular means.

Now you know how to unlock and evolve the greatest jubilee in Vampire Survivors. Check out more guides such as where to find the grimoire and how to see the final fireworks