Vampire Survivors grimoire – where to find it

Vampire Survivors grimoire - where to find it - trees map

There are some extremely useful relics to be found by looking around. In real life, you mean? No no, we obviously mean in the hit game released by Poncle Studios. One such relic needs a bit of work to be found and used, so read on to know all about where to find the Vampire Survivors grimoire.

The Grimoire is quite the nifty way to keep track on all of the weapon evolutions and unions that you’ve discovered while playing. It also contains more information on which weapons and combo are needed.

So, let’s find out where you can get the useful item Vampire Survivors grimoire.

How to get the grimoire in Vampire Survivors 

The first thing you need to do is to find the Grim Grimoire Relic in the Inlaid Library. This is the second stage in the game. However, you can only access this stage once you have reached level 20 in the Mad Forest. When you get to the Inlaid Library, check the map for a purple tome with a red bookmark. All you need to do is follow the little green arrow on your screen to help you locate it.

To find the Grim Grimoire Relic, go to the stage. Look for a small bookshelf across from another bookshelf. There’s a round table with two stools between them, and a framed map on the wall behind it. Once you approach it, twelve witches will spawn and will have to be dealt with.

The purple tome will have a see-through white bubble around it with sparkles coming from the covers. Once you pick up the Grimoire, its icon won’t be on the map anymore.

After discovering the Grim Grimoire, a new button will appear in the bottom right corner of the pause menu labeled “Open Grimoire.” Clicking this button will display all of your discovered evolutions and unions, with the equipped ones highlighted in yellow. This is a useful feature for keeping track of progress and making informed decisions about gameplay.

Now you know where to find the grimoire in Vampire Survivors. Why not check out how to unlock and evolve the spellbinder and where to find the Stone Mask