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Vampire Survivors evolve night sword explained

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Is there a better feeling than being able to build up your power and evolve your character to make it incredibly strong? There might, but we haven’t heard of it. But to power up you will need also to get some quite powerful weapons. Then, read on to know all about the Vampire Survivors evolve night sword quest.

The night sword uses a deadly combination of slashing attacks and healing properties. As you may already know, you can get this cursed blade by venturing to the northern peaks of Mt. Moonspell. It is a treacherous journey that will take adventurers through a series of grottos, past trolls, and up a dirt trail marked with torii gates.

But, how do you evolve it? Well, that’s what we’re here to explain. Keep reading to find out more about the Vampire Survivors evolve night sword!

How to evolve the night sword in Vampire Survivors

For those looking to upgrade their Night Sword, the choice is to evolve it into the Muramasa. In order to evolve the Night Sword into the Muramasa, you must acquire and max-level the Stone Mask. This demonic blade boasts much higher base damage and a greater chance of draining hearts from slain enemies.

However, the power of the Muramasa comes with a permanent HP drain from its user. This drain can be countered if you have high Luck for self-healing. If you’re a little bit lost on how to begin, there is a Stone Mask just across the forests, east of the Night Sword’s shrine on Mt. Moonspell. 

Overall, the Night Sword is a truly powerful and unique weapon that is worth the effort to obtain and upgrade in Vampire Survivors. So, grab your gear and venture to the northern peaks of Mt. Moonspell to claim this cursed blade and unleash its full potential in battle.

We hope that this guide helped you understand how to go about evolving the night sword in Vampire Survivors. Feel free to take a look at our guides on Arcana cards explained and how to see the final fireworks