It Takes Two minigame locations explained

It Takes Two minigame locations explained

This nice little co-op platformer, along with an engrossing story, has 25 simple and fun minigames. In this guide, we will take you through all the It Takes Two minigame locations.

When you’re on the right track for discovering the minigame locations, you will hear a sound. And once you have played them all, you will get the Minigame Megalomaniac trophy.

Let’s find out all the It Takes Two minigame locations.

Where to find all minigame locations in It Takes Two

Wonder no more, here are all the minigame locations in It Takes Two:

  1. Whack-A-Cody: In the Shed, impossible to miss.
  2. Flip The Switch: After Whack-A-Cody, turn right and look for a large metal disc.
  3. Tug-Of-War: At a giant soccer ball after leaving the Shed.
  4. Plunger Dunger: While exploring the Tree, in nearby tunnels.
  5. Tank Brothers: In Rose’s Room, look for a stack of pillows.
  6. Spacewalk: In the tunnels behind the first robot in Rose’s Room.
  7. Laser Tennis: In the tunnel between the first and second teleporters in Rose’s Room.
  8. Rodeo: On a blue fish while exploring the Tree.
  9. Feed The Reptile: After the first rail-riding challenge in Hopscotch.
  10. Batting Team: After the Etch-A-Sketch segment in Rose’s Room.
  11. Birdstar: In the courtyard of Rose’s castle.
  12. Bomb Run: Look for an opening among the houses after passing the gazebo in the Cuckoo Clock.
  13. Horse Derby: Near the lake in Cuckoo Clock’s village.
  14. Icicle Throwing: After ringing the leftmost bell in the Snow Globe.
  15. Shuffle Board: Near the Ferris wheel in the Snow Globe.
  16. Snow Warfare: In the Snowball Arena after activating the third and final bell tower in the Snow Globe.
  17. Ice Race: Checkered flag painted on the ice before activating the generator in the Snow Globe.
  18. Garden Swings: Climb the stone steps upon reaching the Garden.
  19. Larva Basket: On the left path while navigating the mushrooms in the Garden.
  20. Snail Race: Wooden crate after the rail-riding segment of the Frog Pond.
  21. Slotcars: After reaching the Attic, to the right of the main path.
  22. Chess: Follow a new path and look for a chessboard after being teleported back to the Attic’s starting area.
  23. Musical Chairs: Follow the path upwards and reach a platform with a radio after Chess.
  24. Volleyball: Below the orchestra and giant organ area of the Symphony chapter.
  25. Track Runner: Follow a new path after completing Symphony, and look for Track Runner arcade machines to your right.

We hope that this guide helped you find the locations of the minigames in It Takes Two. You might be curious about how many chapters there are. Or, check out this guide on how many The Outlast Trials players can play in the game.